If you want to make your apparel product look inspiring and attractive to the customers, you should pay attention to putting them into apparel box packaging. If you do some research, you will find that apparel boxes are available in various designs and styles.

Diversity in the shapes and color variations makes it best to opt according to your product and customer requirements. If you are new to the box packaging business, opting for some unique designs will work in your favor. Here in this guide, we will explain a few basic and extraordinary techniques of apparel boxes. Have a look below:

Add Some Modern Twists To Your Boxes

As you are packaging the product into the custom apparel boxes, you should ensure that you have it printed with versatile designs. You should select some bright labels on which you can let your brand logo be the prominent one.

It is always essential to make your brand noticeable so it can target more customers towards your brand. You can use the shirt boxes packaging for the packing of the soap as well as cosmetic items to protect it against any crack or damage. 

Use Of Colorful Ribbons And Laces

You will find most of the shirt boxes wholesale in white or brown. This is where you will get a feel that Kraft and cardboard are similar to one another.

If you are packing any apparel in cardboard boxes, you should avoid decorating it because it will ruin the whole packaging. This is where the need for apparel packaging will come to your rescue.

You can add the box with the usage of colorful laces or ribbons. Pick some laces and have them bind over the whole package to make it look attractive to the customers. 

Customizing Into Various Shapes And Styles 

The best thing about shirt boxes wholesale is that they can be customized into any best shape or style. Try to consider something which falls according to product needs. In short, the whole creativity of the box falls into your hands to make it look unique. Well, not just the printing but the natural creativity of the box is essential to consider. 

It is best to ship delicate or lightweight items with complete security. In the same way, we will also recommend the gable boxes. Fable box design has always been the favorite in the apparel packaging category. The usage of gable boxes has been widespread for food storage. 

In addition, there has been a high demand for adding shirt boxes with the transparent window touch. You can even make them call out as the die-cut boxes as well. They are available in versatile designs and shapes for the proper packaging.

This transparent window will enable the customer to look at the product’s inside quality. You can create a window over the apparel packaging by simply die-cutting with the boxes. Later on, you can add it with a transparent touch. 

What Will You Get By Choosing An Apparel Packaging Solution?

Clothes owners know it is vital to provide a product with unique packaging. This only packaging allows your product to stay safe when sent. The customer will always pay attention to how to complete your product package. When the dress is a product you wear daily, ensure that the package is made of color and enthusiasm.

Customers are connected to the shirt boxes UK package before they see the quality of the dress. Therefore, always make a more significant impression. Try to choose what your customer wants and what kind of packaging design he wants. They can ruin your brand image or make it successful. The first impression is the last! By choosing the packaging boxes wholesale material, you will get:

  • Add applicable brand and product information
  • Increase overall sales with an attractive design
  • Increase product life
  • Make your product unique compared to competing products
  • Increase the overall perceived value of your clothing


Hence you are available with different options to add shirt boxes UK with something unique and attractive. Different styles and designs of boxes are available in the market, which might confuse you for a second or two.

Pick something which is just into the latest packaging trend. See what your competitor brands offer to the customers and how they attract the market with their packaging styles.