It’s been quite a while since the novel Corona Virus took over mother earth. However desperate and rather depressing the situation seemed with the lockdowns and quarantines in place, the reality is, life must go on. Have you considered what is even more important?

Managing personal hygiene as well as that of things around your living and working space. A no-brainer? Not quite so much.

With all the hype around the risk of transmission of this virus through human to human or human to surface interaction, the fear of the contagion is but legitimate. Especially when it comes to maintenance of electronics, whether light or heavy duty, one cannot help but seek professional help from the experts. The greatest concern, should however, be how to manage it all in the wake of the on-going pandemic.

Points to remember

Remember this, even during the ongoing pandemic, the key to safeguard against it is in maintaining hygiene, both a personal and societal level. A clean living space is half the job done. Just a very brief list of items to keep track of

Pick the best of air conditioning companies near you

This is crucial. Do some homework, ask around, read reviews, consider the number of customers on board with the air conditioning installation company you are reviewing. Air conditioning installation in Atlanta, ga is also being offered by companies like Wayne Heating & Air Conditioning which offer reliability, agility, speed and responsibility for managing any AC repair or maintenance related work.

If it is about the cleaning of the HVAC system, you need an expert with sound understanding of the air conditioning system as well as how and which all parts need to be cleared of the dirt and debris. Come the repair of a malfunctioning unit, experience with handling similar situations and satisfactory solution would have to be evaluated. After all, your system ACs are not just an expense, they are a long term investment that you can’t risk over just the routine expenses.

Deep cleaning of the vents etc.

You may like to believe this or not, air vents are often house to the most dangerous of bacteria and viruses within the air conditioning system. Unfortunately, these ducts are the places which are often ignored during cleaning.

Thankfully, COVID-19 is not an air-borne disease but even as of now, we have little solid research available as to where all it can survive to infect target. Why give it an impetus for growth even in general.

The best AC installers near you who also manage maintenance would know how critical it is to clean this unit along with the other parts. Keep a check nonetheless, during the routine cleaning round-up.

Value over cost

The importance of this cannot be emphasized enough. For electronics as sensitive as HVAC, you better trust a reliable AC repair dallas and maintenance service provider, even if he charges a buck or two more. No substitute for peace of mind you get with an experienced expert managing your high value air conditioner. Plus, if the initial low price only translates into repeated several rounds of maintenance, you are worse off anyway.

Specific preventive measures to take

Absolutely. While the world is trying to create the preventive vaccine for the novel Corona Virus, there is no doubting that at least for a while, we would all have to live with it and depend on precautions as a prevention.

Hand Sanitization

Ever since the infection became a pandemic, there have been a few things repeatedly reinforced in order to minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19 at the personal level. Thankfully, the virus has no evidence of being air borne as of now, that’s a plus. The bad news however is that it can transmit easily from humans to surface by touch as well as through droplets exhaled in the form of cough or sneeze.

Thus it is important that the team from your air conditioning installation company is made to thoroughly wash and sanitize their hands properly before beginning any work in house. This is of course, in addition to the fact that they have been clearly tested negative through their employer before the assignment.

Watch out for that distance

This rule should apply to everyone and anyone visiting your house. Ideally, for things and matters that could possibly be put on hold for a while, try and maintain a high level of social distance. However, for that AC that is due for a round of annual or bi-annual cleaning or a repair job, get it out of the way by improvising a bit.

Ensure that even when you are hiring staff from the air conditioning companies near you and know their reputation in responsibility, there is a recommended distance of at least 3ft or more maintained between yourself and the staff visiting for the job. It is for this reason that taking on board a well-researched is so important.

A spray of disinfectant would help

Make this a routine ritual. But especially after the air conditioning repair and installation company’s members are done away with their work, it is best that you have a round of disinfection spray done all over the place. This would allow you to control the possible influx of any viruses or bacteria coming in from the previously unclean air conditioner parts into your living or working space.

Let’s not let the Corona virus bring our life to a halt. Instead take the right precautions to prevent possible infection and everything should be good to go.

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