The Internet has just changed the whole idea of shopping and looking for various services and products. Ecommerce is simply ruling the digital world and it has become easy for the prospective customers to reach the store owners and buy their products or services. Web-based transactions 

To enhance sales, online businesses must provide first-class customer service to their customers. 

Thus, a majority of ecommerce businesses have shifted to live chat for providing their support services. Live chat support services identify and engage the customers who are finding it difficult to make a purchase, online. 

Here are a few tips that will help in improving your business performance through live chat:

Dedicated Greetings

You must send automated, proactive greetings to the customers as per the way the customer landed on your site. These can include – current URL, time on site, time on page, pageviews, returning visitor, referrer, visited URLs, and Geolocation.

Increase Response Time

It is ideal to type the messages within 30 seconds to have effective communication. You can achieve this by using pre-written replies, transferring the chats to the concerned department when necessary, training the agents well to deal faster with queries, and limit the number chats that one agent can handle.

Augment profits with upsell

To enhance upsells, it is better to add short forms for the visitors to fill before ending the live chat session and also split test it. With these forms you can make the customer at ease, promote a sale, and understand the needs of the customer.

Show Unsent Messages to Agents

You should make use of the live chat indicator service that will help the agent know what the customer is typing before they have hit the send button. This way the agent can be prepared what to answer and can instantly reply to make the customer feel valued. 

Use Simple Forms

Make use of simple and easy-to-fill forms for the customers to fill before commencing a live chat. Complicated forms can be a hindrance in increasing sales and making the customers feel comfortable.

Down Selling

An agent must always try to gain the trust of the customers. Live chat services companies train their agents in such a way that they convince the customers to buy an alternative product from the one they were unsure about buying.

Meaningful Chats

The live chat support agent must bear in mind that relationships with customers should always be nourished and kept. They must be trained to build positive relationships with the customers and make sure they provide everything the customer wants to know.

Engage Customers on Social Media

After solving or answering the queries of the customers, a skilled agent must ask the happy customers to follow the brand on social media and give their reviews on it, to enhance publicity. 

Increase Hours for Live Chat

A business must assume that it has worldwide clientele and should ensure to have 24/7 live chat support servicesto cater to all kinds of clients. It can happen that customers are surfing your website during late night hours and have queries; your round-the-clock chat support can help them get their doubts cleared. 

Show Agent’s Picture

Showing the image of the agent in the chat box with whom the customer is chatting helps a lot in building relationships. It is easier to make the connection while chatting rather than feeling as if you are talking to a blank wall. 

Live Chat in Multiple Languages

A majority of the live chat support servicesoffer the option of multiple languages. As per your visitor base’ language, select the top languages to make effective communication with them. Google Analytics can help you find out those languages. 

A/B Testing

A/B testing is very crucial as it will help you make the required changes and boost the number of people using your live chat services. It will also make this communication very effective and garner more conversions. 

Growth Hacking

The live chat services companies play a major role in enhancing the growth of your business. They go above and beyond to delight the customers who in turn help the brand grow more. The agent must ask the happy customers to refer the brand to their friends and relatives, and also identify the common points of complaints in customers, frequently asked questions by the customers, etc. to optimize the website of the brand.


The above tips will be very helpful in improving the performance of an online business. The live chat support services are essential to steer the business to new heights and keep the customers happy.