Weekends are lengthy and contain more time to achieve tedious office works, entrepreneurs think. Soaking weekends with lots of tasks may reduce weekdays’ stress, but it may have a harmful impact on your health and on the progress of your business as time goes on.

Work with entrepreneurs is a passion, so, doing it anytime is not the problem, but failing to achieve it is.

You will hear different aphorism like this from them because they have chosen entrepreneurship as a lifestyle. However, this is not the right way to use weekends.

As a lifestyle entrepreneur, growing up and hopeful thinking how to expand beyond human comprehension, packing loads of business debris on weekends affect actions and doing the work of 5 people are believed to be the surviving factors in the mucky water referred to as a business. This is far from the truth.

Although researchers have highlighted why entrepreneurs’ weekends are loaded with works, some among them fear downtime, because it equals less income, while we have those who are addicted to entrepreneurship and see nothing burdensome in using 50 hours to work in a week.

Among entrepreneurs, we have those who argue that relaxing after work is progress. Co-author of The Laws of Lifetime Growth, Dan Sullivan is of the opinion that creating a solution is a shorter period comes when an entrepreneur has “rested and rejuvenated.”

Far Away From Your Device:

It may be tough to survive without tools especially your computer system during the weekend, but doing this at least for a day is the best.

Serial entrepreneurs do not overload their faculty with how issues unfold during weekend. They use it to engage in other matters that their family will love. I said this in How To Manage Your Home As Entrepreneur that entrepreneurs tend to lose their homes because they are always preoccupied with their work every time, to the extent that they jettison family matters for businesses.


You need exercise, and that is what keeps you going good, it refurbishes you and prepares you for works ahead. I interviewed Oladimeji Ayodeji, the CEO Health Tips Nigeria; he maintained that he has been managing his lifestyle to include a work free weekend as an entrepreneur, “I fear breakdown,” he said. “Exercising your body during the weekend by going on few kilometers road work save you Thousands of Dollars. Falling sick once can gulp your business capital efficiently.”

I buy the idea Ayodeji maintained because a month sickness can end your business. Why then won’t you engage in exercises to take you away from being sedentary?

Network At Events:

Entrepreneurs network at an event during weekends. Instead of staying indoor throughout the weekend, they attend invents, at times on invitations to discuss business matters with people who fancy their lifestyles or want to be like them.

Your company has not made adequate expansions; even Bill Gate still networks with people to expand his firm. Therefore, doing the same is not a bad idea.

Take Your Family and Friends Out:

You have no time for your little kids during the weekdays, are you not supposed to find time for them during the weekends?

Entrepreneurship should not cut your ties with your family and friends. You need to make them feel good about you. Areal husband or wife is passionate about his family. What million are you making when your relationship with your family is collapsing?

Run After Your Desires:

Desire does not denote you running after your entrepreneurship goals all the time. You have some other passions you can lay your hands on. Start doing them during the weekends.

While some engage in all forms of game, some see weekends as an opportunity for their family to go on Desert Safari Dubai, the weekend is right for these entirely, aside unnecessary burden. If you have articles that can propel some other activities you engage in, write it. They add to your activeness health wise.

Plan Ahead:

You have little time during weekdays, you can always use your weekends to plan on how to forge ahead. Preparing for unforeseen issues during weekends makes you active when they come knocking.

Your weekend is not for loads of work. Use it for little things you can lay your hands on without regretting, no implications on your health, and your possibility of progressing using this plan is high.