Entrepreneurs’ lifestyle is irritating, and it often reflects in their behaviours that everything about their homes is not working perfectly compared to homes where none of the couple –the husband and the wife has a relationship with entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs are calculated as reliable and dedicated, focus on their business and strive to make everything work. However, their home is tending towards its ruin.

Why the ruin?

When we see entrepreneurs in the news or hear about them, we often think they have acquired so much, and that is it. Entrepreneurs are not just like a typical man on the street, from a sleepless night to busy week, and stressful weekends without the presence of their family.

All these qualities of entrepreneurs are right to distance people, but those who manage the same home with them –their families have many sorrow tales to tell about them –even if their wives prefer marrying them a million times to marrying an ordinary man.

The above does not remove the fact that entrepreneurs have the highest divorce, this is no longer news, it is a talk of the town. What do you expect of a man or woman, who works all day, uses the time meant for family upkeep on the office desk, and returns home to reshuffle office folders, while communicating his business associates at the same time? Why won’t that marriage appear somewhat destroyed?

Any Hope?

In constructing a good home, entrepreneurs need to understand that relationship is meant to work, and need to start strategizing on ways to make it work. When marriage destroys, the hope of children in that setting is slightly dashed, they begin to suffer from the problems they did not create in the first place.

Why as a man or a woman, creating an enabling avenue for your relationship to work is important, if any of your behaviours is killing your home, why continue to be adamant and feel as if you created those around you until the relationship crashes.

Closing Time Is Not Working Time!

When you convert your closing time to working period, you are already depriving your family their entitlement. Your children, your wife or husband are supposed to be under your guidance, staying under the guise of “I have provided them everything they need” may not stand to pay off.

The relationship needs total communication from the two end –the husband and the wife, the moment any of them is absent, a vacuum is created. To avert any form of rancor that may come from this, recognising the closing time and obeying it is key, it makes you have time for your family.

Away From Your Table:

Some entrepreneurs already created a table in their homes where they continue with their office work; they feel comfortable they’re solving the problem of the organization and leaving their family to enjoy not their presence.

Why continue with office work at home at a time your family needs your attention? Yes, you have given them your presence, but where is the attention? This is the same attitude entrepreneurs show while their wife is on the way. They jump from one match making websites to another, looking for singles, when they find one, their attitudes chase them away. Give the two –attention and presence to your family –your attention and your presence are invaluable.

Weekend For Family:

Though some entrepreneurs observe weekend as work free days, they join their family in environment chores and go out with them to enjoy the dividend of togetherness, however, not all of them does this.

Your family needs total attention, and do not need to be left alone while you bury your head in the office every day. Entrepreneurship lifestyle should not be demeaning to those who married entrepreneur, in fact, give them the opportunity to say you are awesome.

It is understandable that entrepreneurs are policy-driven, nonetheless, to build a reliable home, tempering some policies and attitudes for the sake of your family is desirable and necessary.