Wealth is not doing millions of jobs and chairing thousands of companies, it is knowing what is right to learn that can win lots of dollars to your side. This is the reason so many people desire to be rich but do not know what they can lay hands on.

While college degrees may be a source of wealth, it is not a yardstick to be among world richest gentlemen, especially in this 21st century. As 21st century enters, some professions became visible, and they turned out to be a source of wealth for those who learn them.

Being aware that some businesses are coasting labour market, and do not require having a degree or devoting a couple of years to learn them, should be a reason why learning one of them is important even after knowing they have a speedy reward, they are still not sought after by those who intend to be rich.

May be because these professions are not many and may not be what you have been eyeing, nonetheless, they are rewarding and command lots of respect in our society today.


From refrigerators to mobile phones, nearly everything around us requires the knowledge of programming. While programming is not the order of the day some fifty years ago, it has become society’s most sought after. Creating and refining ideas are now fetching people wealth than before. Knowledgeable programmers earn based on what they design, and they can work in different places without living the shore of their room for just a minute. Thanks to the internet, which made every bit of us (our dealings)transferable.

The world today crave for deep knowledge of programming since no office has nothing to do with programmers. Why marketing has evolved to mean an online based matter, public relations has jumped the crude environment in search of social people who find it hard to read print.

When you understand rewarding programming languages, you are not just going to make cheap wealth, be rest assured that the next Mark Zuckerberg might be you. With confidence as a programmer, Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg, the young Snap Chat Curator, among others are now commanding riches, without staging industry on a broad expanse of land. All they know is programming languages! They converted it into wealth and other things follow. Still, they did not learn to program in the university.

To become a programmer is not a couple of year’s issue, but if you plan to be an expert, you need many years research without giving up.


Having a college degree is great, but it does not qualify you to become successful entrepreneurs. An example is that of an African richest woman who does not have a college degree. Going by her biography, Folorunsho Alakija did not attend any university, however, is regarded as the most successful woman on earth.

Entrepreneurs are ruling the world with innovations, and the return is always wealth. In case you are thinking of not being one, take a good step to see those coasting our minds today, and bring one who is not an entrepreneur.

Business Consultancy

Muhammad Adeel Javaid, the Deputy Director, Office of Auditor General of Pakistan, in his mind blowing article tagged If I Were 22: 10 Jobs That Can Make You Rich Before 30, made known that so many types of business consultants exist, however, with one collective team, “they all help business owners (or their executives) solve problems.”

He maintained that they solve problems that cannot be settled with the company’s existing staff. As a business consultant, you can set your rate based on hourly. This will not deny you work if you can prove to business owners that you deserve it.

Makeup Artistry

Makeup artists are one in town today. Did you notice that there are more and more of people needing the expert hands of makeup artists today? From Hair styling to Nail technology, aesthetics to makeup artistry, beauty experts are not what they are in the past, they are millionaires.

Learning to make up artistry does not take much. You can always approach one in your locality and begin a tour of the road to progress. I got one online, a beauty school in Toronto that teaches this course in a concise time.

When we are saying game, at least you would have heard about Ronaldo, Messi, Pogba and recently, Neymar. Athletes are earning huge amount. I am not aware of well-paid manager that receives what Neymar gets in a week, though it may exist. You can pick any sport but make sure you are a profession in it. This would earn you more money in few years to come.

Being rich does not require having lots of professional, manage the ones you have and make sure they are what your society demands.