Have you ever thought of lifting extremely heavy loads on your own? It becomes a really hard task to do; if there are several people to help then it can be very easy. Together with SQMH – Your Trusted Forklift Service

For a single person, it is difficult to do so; so, therefore, you have a variety of forklifts to do the work for you. But like every other machinery, there is a risk of getting into accidents is involved.

Avoid these 10 Common Accidents

Moffett Forklift is designed in such a way that it can lift heavy loads according to the engine and truck type. There are forklifts that are powered by battery, diesel, CNG and LPG. They can be used to carry different weights and drive at various speeds. But at times circumstances develop when the forklift suffers accidents. Majority of the people think that the operators are to blame but the fact is that other factors like road conditions, obstruction in the view and overloading are also a contributing factor to the following common types of accidents.

Moffett Forklift tipping over

The stability of the forklift depends upon many things like the position, size and weight of the object. If anyone of these three is out of balance then the forklift is definitely will tip over to either forward or backward. This damages the forklift, the items it is carrying and the operator inside. At several times the surface on which the forklift is travelling is bumpy and irregular which is another reason for the vehicle to tip over.

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Collision because of Speeding

Under any circumstances, the forklift must be driven with great speed and especially when it is loaded with objects. It becomes very difficult for the operator to stop the forklift if he/ she are driving it at a high speed. During emergency braking, the forklift can tip over. When the drivers are taking turn speedily; they can skid and collide with the objects and people.

Crashing into other Objects

There are various factors that contribute to the forklift crashing into different objects. The driver can be fatigued and doze off behind the wheels. He/ she are busy attending to the calls or text on their cell phones. The vision of the driver is blocked by various things. These are the main reasons for the forklift to crash into other objects and vehicles.

Accidents involving People

When you buy the forklift from a renowned dealer like Bobby Park Truck and Equipment; the team there will give you instructions on what precautions to take when operating and driving around people. It is really important that accidents like forklifts bumping into other employees and pedestrians, staff falling off from the forklifts that have no safety and objects falling from height and hitting the bystanders.

Release of Gases and Fumes

Although there are no harmful gases or fumes omitted from the forklift it is vital to mention that at times the owners of the forklifts don’t bother to look at the proper maintenance. They have no concern whether the fuel in the vehicle is according to the required standards, the oil has been changed on time or not and if the appropriate energy used to power the forklift.

Failure of the Brakes

The most dangerous accident that could happen to a forklift is when the brakes of the vehicle fail to respond. There are several explanations for this situation; the braking pad can overheat, the brake fuel can be relatively lower than it should be, the brakes installed are cheap substandard and putting the brakes under pressure by applying emergency brakes. This can weaken the mechanism of the brakes. 

Completely overturned Forklift

Many situations mentioned above are responsible for the complete overturning of the forklift. If the objects are loaded and unloaded at an increased pace, there is a shift in the balance or the weight is too much for the forklift to bear, applying emergency brakes and speeding on turns can cause the overturning of the forklifts. This can ultimately cause severe injury to the operators.

Objects tumbling down from the Forks

When the load is not securely fastened to the fork then the objects can tumble down the heights. As discussed in the above tipping over of the forklift that if the balance between the weight, position and size is not right then the vehicle can tip over. But these same factors contribute to the tumbling down of the objects as well.

Items toppling from the racks

Out of balance of the forklift can be the cause of another type of accident when items can topple down from the racks they are been put on. Sometimes assessment of angle and height that the operator makes to carry the objects to the racks can be miscalculated. This can cause the objects to fall down the shelves and hit on the people standing on the floor.

Operators falling from the Forklifts

The operators of the Moffett Forklift at many occasions do silly things and that becomes the cause of an accident. They try to have fun during their serious working hours and jump off the forklift. Or they can climb down in a hurry and slip off the forklift. Or simply fall off the forklift.