Onpassive is an IT company focusing on developing a total business solution. Their goal is to bring innovation and value to businesses in order to maximize their potential. They have three main components: O-Connect, O-Shop, and O-Connect 2.0. Each of these components works together to help companies achieve their business goals.


O-Connect is a high-quality video and audio conferencing platform developed by ONPASSIVE. It offers a detailed dashboard and allows for unlimited participants. The platform also provides features for meeting chat, follow-up options, and attendance tracking. It also offers automatic voice services in several languages.

With the 0-Connect platform, you can share your screen with others in real time. This feature is very helpful for collaboration. It also offers dual-screen sharing. Another important feature is speech-to-text. It uses an application programming interface to translate the spoken word into text. You can also use chat emojis to illustrate your point. Automatic language translation makes it easier for non-native speakers of foreign languages to understand your messages.

OnPassive is a marketing automation platform

Among the numerous features of ONPASSIVE is that it can automate customer communications. The platform utilizes data from previous communications to automatically respond to customer inquiries in real time. This allows businesses to improve communication with customers by integrating cutting-edge methods of assistance. With this platform, businesses can focus on expanding their business while streamlining their lives.

ONPASSIVE offers a wide range of services to help businesses achieve success. It can help businesses create an online presence by registering their company online, building a website, and ensuring that they’re active on all the most popular social media channels. It also offers website builder and website hosting services, as well as video email marketing and targeted mass marketing campaigns.

It offers video conferencing

OnPassive offers high-definition video and audio conferencing. Its user-friendly interface is geared toward novice users. It also has customizable meeting settings, an unlimited number of attendees, and options for dual-screen sharing. It also supports multiple languages, including Spanish, Chinese, and Russian.

OnPassive has a pyramid-like business model that pays out a commission to new affiliates. It works by allowing affiliates to sell memberships to new people and receive a commission for each one. This model is highly profitable as it allows affiliates to grow their business and make money.

It offers email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to reach your audience and build a successful business. OnPassive business has an email marketing system called O-Mail, which is free and allows you to communicate with contacts. It includes several features such as unlimited storage, calendar integration, and synchronization across different devices. The software also allows you to create different types of email formats and set up alerts on different devices.

OnPassive Business has an automated marketing platform that is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It can recognize the needs of its recipients and take appropriate action. This software supports email marketing, video email marketing, and website traffic generation. It is used by over 25 percent of the world’s population and has many features that make it worth considering for online businesses.

It offers URL shortening

Many marketers face the problem of long URLs. One way to make this problem easier to manage is by using URL shortening tools such as TrimURL. This tool creates short, email-friendly links, so you can use them for your content on a variety of media. It is a free service that will streamline your marketing efforts and make your life easier!

While some URL shortening services are free to use, others require a monthly fee. Paid services typically offer more detailed reports, integrations with business platforms, and more. In addition to providing short URLs, Onpassive’s continuous customer support platform also allows businesses to use their AI-powered chatbots to handle customer queries and offer smart insights. This is a great feature for businesses who want to reduce the need for human customer service agents.