Everything that is marketed requires packaging and a trusted shipping platform such as Unival Logistics. But is it only about protection or there’s something more to packaging too? With the ever-changing scenario in the marketing world, brands are paying increased attention to modern, fresh designs that are not only protective but also are helpful in marketing.

Custom photography packaging is an exclusive style of packaging that is primarily manufactured for the safekeeping of cherished and memorable photos. Being an asset for a lifetime, photos are fragile in nature and the slightest amount of moisture or mishandling can hamper them critically. The boxes for photographs make sure to have all the required security measures that would shun away all the hazardous elements from the photos that they carry. These boxes can have any style or shape that their consumer may desire. Added die cuts and display windows can make them serve as an effective photo frame for the pictures as well.

. Given below are some amazing designs that are being tried:

The Square Box

This laid-back design has made a comeback in Photography boxes. It is being deployed by many brands and has been one of the most successful designs ever created. It is usually square or rectangular in shape and has a solid bottom which helps it with stability and strength. Their opening is on the upper side which includes a single piece of cardboard. This piece is easy to take off and put back in its place. The idea behind it is to keep the structure of the box minimalistic. The modern packaging industry has extensively espoused the idea of minimalism and sought designs that have a minimalistic touch to them. The ease of use makes this design preferable for a lot of companies and customers. They like to use designs that have minimum complexity in them.

The Envelope

Who is not familiar with this design? It is loved by people all over the world due to its luxurious and elegant appearance. It strikes a brilliant balance between practicality, elegance, and simplicity. Hence, its uniqueness is unmatched. While previously, envelopes were used only to send letters to each other for communication, the packaging industry has adopted the idea of photography too. Photographs are now packaged in beautiful envelope designs and can be gifted too. The implementation of this design is so massive that even wedding album boxes are being manufactured with the essential appearance of being an envelope.


When it comes to practicality, this design turns out to be unparalleled. It has a unique structure and built that makes it suitable to be used for photo album boxes. Basically, it has different sections that are of different sizes. Hence, photographs of different sizes can be stored within the same box without feeling the need for another one. Partitions make it easier for the users to organize their photographs within the same box without any worries of encountering a mix-up in the future. Even if the sections are of similar sizes, photographs from different categories can be placed in different sections of partitioned photography packaging boxes for easier identification later on. 

 Window Cutout

If there is a design that has gained the most prominence in recent years, it is this one. The number of sales being generated using this design is testament to its effectiveness. Window-cut boxes are prominent in the packaging industry for several reasons. But one of the most significant among them is their displaying power. They are designed in a way that the exposure of the photographs through them is maximum without losing the authenticity and originality of the packaging or what is inside it. Showcasing is the most crucial aspect of marketing in the modern era. And window cut boxes fit this criterion of display perfectly.

Sleeve & Tray

Remember the traditional matchstick box? Everyone has used that in their lives. But now, its application is not just limited there. Many industries have started to adopt this design. One of the most unique and beautiful designs in the market, it has guaranteed its place as a strong packaging option for manufacturers. It is simple yet elegant. And its practical nature makes it stand out from the alternatives. The design operates simply as it only consists of two parts. These two parts work hand in hand to ensure the box is utilized smoothly. One is the static tray that is supposed to provide strength and structure. And the second part is the sleeve that can be moved back and forth for opening or closing the box. Although it has two parts, it is still incredibly lightweight and easy to use in daily life. Moreover, the two layers bind together when the box is closed to provide maximum strength and durability to window cardboard photography packaging. Its practicality means everyone can use it without any hurdles whatsoever. Just a slight pull and the sleeve comes out showing what is inside. Similarly, a gentle push can close the box, without requiring a huge effort from the user.

The basic purpose of every kind of box is to provide protection. But with significant forward leaps in the use of technology, packaging has been redefined. It is not only about protection now. It has also become the most authentic and sure way of successful marketing. Hence, new packaging designs have come up that have shaken the packaging industry with their uniqueness and versatility. Companies are now employing these fresh designs and reaping substantial rewards from them.