Background verification is the process of commercial records, criminal records. These checkings are traditionally investigated by a third party organization. This is to ensure the safety and security of the employees in the organization.

It is very evident that during the interview candidates are required to submit their cv or resumes. Before the employment background checks are done to confirm the information found on the resume.

There are results to show that for almost half of the people the information they put on the resume is fake. If there would have been no background verification then the other employees in the office would have faced a lot of problems.

The process of background verification

Pre Employment Screening:

Many reputed employers conduct the pre-employment screening, that is done before or after taking the interview and before giving him or her the employment opportunity. Companies don’t conduct it by itself. But they outsource a third party organization to investigate their employees to be.

It is done to verify the information provided by the employee valid or not. As it is not a simple process so the companies assigned to it may take a day to three days to complete the report. This includes the testing of employees abilities like personality, emotional intelligence, language, proficiency, and integrity.

Some of the screening tests include drug testing. It is designed to check whether the employee has a normal sensibility or not.

The tests that the employment screening test include are

  1. Drug Test:

The employee’s blood sample is taken and it goes through all the tests to reach to the conclusion about whether the employee is drug addicts or not. Because it is the primary responsibility of every company that the work environment is secure.

You can not except a secure atmosphere with a drug addict guy in it. Drug addicts not only ruin the work culture but also create a negative impression. So the tests are done.

2. Criminal History Checking:

It is a part of the pre-employment screening. It is designed to check whether the employee has been involved with any kind of illegal activities or not. When a company is hiring its employees they are somehow related to the company’s reputation.

So if they had been involved with any kind of illegal activities, it is very sure that they may involve in it again. So the third party organizations which are assigned to check all these details, they verify the criminal history of the employees.

3. Work History Checking:

If an employee has worked before then it is very prudent to check his or her work history. Because your employer knows you better as a person. It is very important to know if the employee maintains the decorum or obey all the rules and regulations.

Whether he or she has behaved rudely to any other employee or not. These things are key points to know. Because this help to know a employee as a person.

4. Educational Verification:

Some applicants make fraud resumes to impress the employer. Though it is visible by observing someone closely. Still, some people are very good at acting that the interviewer doesn’t find out whether he or she is fake or not. So the educational verification is done to check the applicant’s ability.

Wrapping it up,

background verification is a major role for any company. But they don’t have the time to do all this process. So there are third-party organizations who work for these companies and ensure proper checking of their employees. These have professionally skilled employees to take of the process.