Both the sanitary ware items are important for the washroom. The point is simple and elegant bathroom looks complete with two of them there is nothing like that which is important both have different tasks to perform and provide a different kind of relaxation and have different kinds of features. It’s just that it all depends on this pace of your washroom. As very huge space bathroom can have showers and its bathrooms can get install bathtubs as well. Both Sanitary Ware is perfect to go to your bathroom interiors. 

In this article, I am going to focus on both the sanitary wares features. But do you know Buy Sanitary Ware Online India is much more affordable? So, do focus on the features and reasons to get them to install in the bathroom.


Showers are ultimate in use you won’t know why because they give feel like you’re taking a bath in rain. Isn’t it sound cool? It is mandatory for the washroom nowadays. All bathrooms do have install showers and their faucets. Even, small hotels do have them installed in every room of the bathroom. Nowadays there are numerous designs available and that two with ample ranges of varieties. 

Material has different material available

  1. Steel
  2. Copper
  3. Plastic
  4. Natural stone
  5. Fiberglass

The shower of two types of hand showers and wall-mounted. Even bathtubs have installed hand showers in them. When you get shower install you must take care of the factor that you keep leaning the titles around it.

The features of installing showers are:

  1. Low Maintenance costs
  2. The bathroom looks still spacious because they are installed on the walls
  3. Add value to your bathroom
  4. Relaxing bath and removes all the toxins from your body

Want to have a relaxed bath get them to install today.


The bathtubs are a very luxurious sanitary Ware Online product which is so much preferred by the people do you the bathtubs will always an attractive part of bathrooms. They have so pleasuring to the bathtub. The bathtub is of various types like:

  1. Alcove bathtub
  2. Undermounted bathtub
  3. Dop-in tubs
  4. Whirlpool tubs
  5. Walk-in tubs

The bathtubs also have an option of getting shower install in them. even you ca fight different kinds of LED lights and music players in the bathroom.

The material you can buy:

1. Acyclic ( most affordable)

2. Fiberglass

3. Cast Iron (Most popular)

4. Stone

5. Marble

The bathtub is available online and it’s the most luxurious in sanitary wares and available online in more varieties in great range. The bathtubs are installed in the large space washroom even. the bathtubs can install extra added features like lights, music in the bathroom. The bathing in bathtub is more relaxing, comfortable, and kind of romantic for couples. If you are planning to seat romantic aura then bathtubs do play an important role.

Which one is the best to use and important?

It all depends on your needs and demand if you have lost space in your washroom then you can easily get bathtubs and showers installed. They will make you bathroom more attractive and beautiful.

The Bottom Line

If you want to buy both the sanitary ware items online then good ahead. Add them to your big washroom to make them look more luxurious comfortable bathing is important & share your business story here. The relaxation you will find in bathing will remove laziness from your body. Therefore, it is clearly said a good bath will make a good day. Getinhours is a platform wherein you will get various kinds of Showers and bathtubs. They are available in various ranges and good brands at affordable rates. Have happy shopping and happy and relaxed bathing.