Creating explainer videos helps deliver your business idea crisply, quickly, and persuasively. The combination of impactful images, simple language, and engaging animations grab your viewer’s attention in an instant. You can educate your target audience on how your service or product offerings can resolve their pain points.

An effective way to grab the attention of investors and clients in this competitive start-up arena is by taking the explainer video route. Connecting with experienced storytellers at an agency like helps you achieve your business goals. Premium explainer videos are designed by specialists to showcase your brand’s unique selling points and potential to add value.

Notable Features

Listed here are some of the main characteristics of this promotional tool that successfully creates that initial buzz for your venture:

  • They are short, usually between 60 to 90 seconds in length
  • Conform to the classic narrative structure by explaining what, how, and why behind your start-up idea
  • Focuses on your target audience and the problems you aim to address
  • Use animated characters to lend personality, humour, and emotion to your business story
  • Facilitate brand recognition with the usage of associated colour palettes

By establishing your business venture, you aim to reach a wider audience and boost your sales. Towards this end, an explainer video production works to your advantage. Here’s how:

Explains Your Business Idea

Through this medium, you can convey to your target audience that you intend to improve their lives. Your marketing video reiterates your primary purpose of offering a revolutionary service or product.

You can successfully target potential clients who have a short attention span with these informative, animated, and appealing videos. By using effective visual aids, you can promote your brand in the quickest manner possible.

Ensures Maximum Online Visibility

Explainer videos made using short, easy-to-digest formats can be effortlessly uploaded on social media and other content sharing platforms. Being able to adjust the size of these clips makes them viewer-friendly.

Advertising your start-up involves making it accessible to a larger audience by posting it online. Platforms that guarantee maximum viewership are the ones you can target to establish your brand globally.

Builds Brand Awareness

Customers you are targeting need to know of your start-up’s existence or else the primary purpose of launching it stands defeated. Explainer videos enable you to concentrate on brand building in your inception years effectively.

This creative tool is interactive and inclusive and compels an interested party to sit up and take notice of your business offerings. The video creates an instant, identifiable connection in the viewer’s mind when you use colour schemes, taglines, and images associated with your brand.

Boosts Conversions

An impactful explainer start-up video encourages your potential client not just to be a mute spectator but take beneficial action. This visually persuasive tool converts the viewer into a loyal customer, thereby improving your sales and generating more revenue for your business venture.

A video that appeals to the end-user is invariably liked, commented on, and shared with other interested parties. This ease in content sharing ensures many more learn about your start-up, subsequently expanding your client base.

Approach a specialized agency like to ensure your start-up seed fruitfully germinates visually.