Most jewellery stores might not be too demanding about the educational qualifications if they only want a helping staff. But if the job involves work of more responsibility or if the jeweller is a popular one, then the staff needs to match up to his level a little. In such cases, these degrees or certificates are considered.

Degree in Fine Arts or Jewellery Design

This is among the topmost degrees that will let you be a jeweller yourself. But if you’re willing to get a little experience by working for a jeweller, then this degree will help you get a job with the famous jewellers in town.

Vocational courses in jewellery making

A full-fledged degree takes too long to complete. Other alternatives are shorter vocational or certificate courses in jewellery designing. They help you understand the detailing and basic science behind how jewellery is designed. These courses are best utilized when explaining about the making of a jewellery piece. If the customer is convinced by your deep knowledge, you are more likely to make the sale. There are courses available to teach you more about lab grown diamonds uk.


An eye for detail

It is important to have an eye for detail and to be able to notice the nuances of jewellery making. If you know your pieces well, only then can you describe them in full detail to your customers and help them buy one.

Understanding of designs

Jewellery making is a very skilful art and the designs are intricate. They have a certain geometrical pattern to it. The more understanding you have of it, the better it will be for your employer. Whether you’re in sales or in designing, this skill is absolutely necessary in the field.

Fine motor skills

Jewellery is delicate. Having rough hands in a field where you only have to deal with fragile things isn’t going to be of much help. Motor skills and soft, steady hands are a must-have skill. You should be able to handle the jewellery firmly so as to not break it, but also delicately so as to not spoil the shape or the shine of it.

Artistic ability and imagination

Designs cannot be copied from others as they have trademarks on them. Imagination and 3D visualization ability is necessary for you to make creative designs with different pieces. The artistic talent is seen with each jewellery and will help you go a long way in your career.

Basic understanding of gemstones

This goes without saying that you cannot work in a jewellery store without having at least the basic knowledge of gemstones. Customers come with a variety of queries and you need to be informed enough to satisfy their doubts and answer their questions in detail about the jewellery pieces you show them. You can design amazing collections such as lab grown diamond engagement rings with this skill.

Jewellery making is an undying business and one that is always in need of more and more people. Every year there are new jewellery shops and exhibitions being held so new and budding talents have something to look forward to. If you are serious about a career in the field, relevant education and skills will add a diamond to your already be jewelled crown of talent, pun intended.