I have been receiving series of questions on how to start a blog –a killer blog that sells products with ease. In as much as website or blog is a tangible means of marketing, getting sales and communicating people, designing or owning a blog that brings profit is a necessity.

Good, you know how to develop a blog or have someone who can do for you. It is interesting to hear you understand the big beasts of web designing. However, do you know how to build a killer blog?

Let me tell you this!

Being a web designer or programmer, or having many beautiful templates is not same with actualizing an excellent blog. Some overnight bloggers misunderstand this concept and fail at the end. I am going to reveal few things to you about blogging and let you know what blogging is not! With this, you can tell if you are a blogger.

#1. Choose A Niche

Blogging is not going into all field and speaking about what you find within you. It is finding a niche where you can perform handsomely as an authority. I have visited blogs –while there are commendable bloggers, there are condemnable ones.

Those bloggers without niche are overnight bloggers; they have not mastered the rudiments, and have nothing to gain in blogging. Choose a niche if you intend to be a dependable blogger.

#2.User-friendliness Is Important For Your Blog

When blogs are being designed, it is easy to point those that fit into user-friendly categories. The reason is not far-fetched, user friendliness has to do with the UI/UX of the website, and how it is easy for users to get to their destination on the platform with a single tab, among other noticeable characteristics that the site possesses.

User-friendliness is not decorating your websites with lots of images that are not necessary. Some platforms do not come with simple look while some do, what is important is having good sites that won’t distract your users. I go for simple website anytime because it is easy for viewers to go from page to page without any distraction.

#3.Mobile Optimised Blog Is Wonderful

Your blog should not be anything lesser than mobile optimised this time that we have more users on the road than in the office using tabletops and laptops. If your blog is not mobile-optimised, forget to blog. It is not your calling.

#4. Content Is King

Unique content is significant if you want to be a successful blogger. Without unique content, you cannot get high rank in Google. After writing your article use Grammarly or Copyscape to determine the uniqueness of your story, with that, you stand the chance of getting to the first page of Google. However, do not use article spinners, Google has a strict penalty on meaningless articles.

#4. Search Engine Optimisation

When I first collaborated to build a news platform, I sent the link to a friend who knows what it requires to get noticed on Google, Bings, Yahoo and another search engine. He told me to work on Search Engine Optimisation; his statement made me go in search of what Search Engine Optimisationentails until I became fully informed.

It is essential to drive crowd from search engine with your websites; this is only achievable through SEO. Use the right keyword, headlines and important statements that users search on Google are all SEO ideas you should take with importance.


Starting a blog is not hard especially when you know how to do it excellently, but it may be hard or unrewarding if you are not sure how to do it like a professional.