Starting a small business can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor. With hard work and dedication, small businesses have the potential to grow into highly successful ventures. As we head into 2023, several small business ideas are emerging as popular and potentially lucrative options. Here are some of the top trending small business ideas to consider if you’re looking to start your own company this year.

Food and Beverage Businesses

The food and beverage industry is always a safe bet when it comes to small business ideas. No matter what is happening in the economy, people still need to eat and drink! Some food and beverage business ideas that are trending for 2023 include:

Food Trucks

Food trucks continue to grow in popularity, offering both flexibility and the ability to build a loyal customer base. Focusing your food truck on a specialty cuisine like BBQ, tacos, or loaded fries allows you to stand out from competitors. Having an eye-catching vehicle wrap and using social media to promote your whereabouts helps attract customers.

Meal Preparation Services

Many busy people don’t have time to grocery shop and cook nutritious meals. Offering pre-made weekly meal plans with fresh, local ingredients is a business idea that caters perfectly to this demand. You can start small with just yourself doing the meal prep and expand as your customer base grows.

Coffee Shop

While coffee shops are common in most cities, opening one with a unique twist can still attract customers. Ideas include an anime/comic book-themed coffee shop for nerd culture lovers or a bike-up coffee shop in a cycling-centric city. Focus on making your coffee shop an “experience” by offering engagement opportunities like open mic nights or game nights.

Pet Care Businesses

Pets are valued family members in many households today, so pet-related services remain a profitable business option. Some popular pet care business ideas include:

Dog Walking/Pet Sitting

Providing dog walking and pet sitting services is a scalable business you can start with just yourself. Offer services like midday dog walk for pet owners who work long hours. You can serve multiple clients per day and expand by bringing on staff as needed.

Mobile Pet Grooming

Taking pet grooming services on the road is convenient for pet owners and allows you to serve multiple geographic areas. Offer standard services like bathing and nail trimming from your mobile setup. You can also provide an express option for quick cleanups in customer driveways.

Pet Bakery

Capitalize on the humanization of pets trend by opening a bakery just for furry customers. Offer specialty cakes, cookies, and treats made with pet-safe ingredients. Partner with pet stores or veterinarians to sell your products.

Subscription Box Services

Subscription boxes have exploded in popularity in recent years. The recurring revenue model and ability to tap into niche markets make them a smart small business choice for 2023. Some possibilities include:

Clothing Rental Subscriptions

Let busy fashionistas try new clothing and accessories without committing to purchases. Offer plans that ship curated boxes of rental items monthly. Provide prepaid return shipping so items cycle back to you. Upsell customers on purchasing items they love.

Candle Subscription Boxes

Candles make great gifts and are items people replenish often. Curate monthly boxes with a mix of scented candles, possibly paired with items like matches or wick trimmers. Include an info card describing the scents and their intended effects.

Craft Supplies Subscription Boxes

Crafters always need fresh supplies. Offer monthly boxes with different DIY craft projects that include all the necessary supplies. You can curate boxes around themes, seasons, or specific crafts like knitting or jewelry making. Include written and video tutorials.

Service-Based Businesses

Companies that provide intangible services still offer lots of small business possibilities. Some top options in the service industry include:

Social Media Management

Nearly every business needs social media help–creating content, engaging followers, and running ads. Starting a social media management service allows you to serve multiple clients. Offer packages for one-time strategy building and ongoing maintenance.

Bookkeeping or Tax Prep

Demands for financial organization and tax preparation help never go away. Starting a bookkeeping or tax service lets you help other small business owners with these necessary tasks. Take advantage of flexible remote work options to serve clients nationwide.

Resume Writing Service

With job markets more competitive than ever, job seekers need standout resumes. Creating customized, keyword-optimized resumes tailored to clients’ skills helps them land interviews. Offer additional services like cover letter writing and LinkedIn profile optimization.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to launching a small business in 2023 if you have a unique idea, passion for your work, and dedication to delivering an excellent customer experience. Food-related businesses, pet care companies, subscription box services, and financial or career-related help are all great options to look into when researching trending small business ideas this year. With proper planning and some hustle, you can be well on your way to small business success.


What is the number one small business to start in 2023?

There is no definitive “number one” small business for 2023, as many ideas can be lucrative. However, food trucks, pet care services, and subscription boxes are some top trending ideas worth exploring. The best business is one that aligns with your unique interests, skills, and market demand in your area.

What small business is most profitable?

Profitability potential varies widely among small businesses in different industries. However, some consistently profitable types of small businesses include service providers like plumbers/electricians, financial advisors, IT services, pet care companies, and food businesses. Profit comes down to strong operations, customer service, marketing, and efficient scaling.

Can you be successful with a small business?

Yes, you absolutely can find success with a small business! Many of the most iconic companies today like Apple, Disney, and Starbucks began as small businesses. With dedication, hard work, and understanding your customers’ needs, small businesses can grow into highly profitable enterprises over time.

What small business takes the least money to start?

Service-based businesses typically require the least amount of start-up capital. Examples include cleaning services, dog walking, bookkeeping services, social media management, and resume writing. These require minimal equipment and can scale gradually with low overhead. In general, an idea that utilizes your existing skills is most cost-effective.

What are examples of good small businesses?

Some examples of profitable, scalable small business ideas include food trucks/trailers, coffee shops, pet sitting/dog walking services, landscaping companies, craft shops on Etsy, social media consulting, computer repair technicians, cleaning services, wedding photographers, boutique fitness studios, and mobile notary services.