Unlike other social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram, LinkedIn is a professional networking tool for exchanging knowledge, ideas, professional resources as well as employment opportunities. It’s also a big advantage for you to brand your service/product with 500 million users around the world.

If you are finding the resources to add LinkedIn to your marketing tactics and learn some valuable LinkedIn tips and tricks?

We are happy to tell you. You’re in the right place. Are you ready to roll in?

Lets started with our 10 professional LinkedIn tips and tricks to attract new business, increase credibility, and expose your services.

  1. Create an Effective LinkedIn Company Page

Similar to Facebook Business Page or Instagram Business Page, Company Page is your LinkedIn profile business account. The Company Page shows other potential connections about your brand/services to your potential connections through engagement contents.

First step when you create your Company Page is choosing your company scale size. And fill all the information related to your company on the next page as below:

Insert your company name and your company website

Select the company details and update your company logo. Same as your personal profile, you will get more views and if you have a profile picture, just by simply updating the profile logo to your account.

As you finish this step, your company profile is ready to go

  1. Write an engagement “About us” section with relevant keywords

A well-optimized “About us” section on your company page will increase your appearance on searches. That’s why with 2000 characters or less, you have to assure that you tell the audience everything they need to know about your company information.

In the first 150 characters, what will write about will likely appear in the Google preview as a brief. Because of that, you should try to combine all the related keywords of what your business is currently doing.

And the rest like other social profiles, the “About us” on your Company Page should answer six basic questions to the audience:

Who are you?

Where are you based? headquarters?

What do you offer? 

What are your core values?

What is your brand voice?

How can people contact you to learn more?

  1. Connect with your employees through your company’s LinkedIn Page

According to LinkedIn research,  employees have 10x times more 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn than a company has followers. Employees are the one who have the close relationship in your networks. And by following your company page, your chances of increasing your connections and public recognition will grow.

As you and your employees connect and your employees add their position at your company to their personal profile, your page will be linked to your employees profile. This connection will boost your appearance views and gain more opportunities for other people to know about you.

Furthermore, in the future as your employees publish the post related to your company event and tag your company page link in it, your page will get noticed by more audiences.

  1. Set the goals 

Without a goal you can’t score, simple as that. For any marketing campaigns, you always need to start with defining the goals. Whatever goals you are setting for, either for hiring talented staff, promote your business or generate leads for other potential employers and clients to follow. You need to define your goals.

Setting goals not only helps you to have a proper marketing strategy to go with, it also helps you to measure your engagements, increase followers and see how your marketing plan is going.

Finally, once you have established your goals, break it down into small and manageable steps and build them into your existing networking strategy.

  1. Publish engagement content  

Content is the bridge to connect you and your audience and the best way to build a strong relationship between you and your customers is by creating engaging content. Your content needs to answer the questions your audience is looking for, help your audience improve their knowledge and skills at work.

In the digital world, all the news is updated quickly and everyone in the stage is eager to learn the new information. And in LinkedIn networks, everyone thrives on the latest updates and groundbreaking news. In an obvious way, you just want to post your content but it’s also a great way by sharing other content that you see valuable. Sharing from other reputation sources shows that you stay actively involved in your niche industry and your followers can know that you are a channel that they can count on to learn new things.

  1. Tag your connections in posts

As human beings, we are happy when we are recognized by others and it applies in digital life too. Getting many likes, shares for your posts is great because it means you are making valuable content to your audience.

There are some ways that can make you stand out with the rest by simply do this:

– If someone responds such as a comment on your post, you need to spend time responding to them, make them feel like their thoughts are really valuable with the author.

– If you enjoy other posts from your connection, you can create a deeper connection to them just by mentioning people’s name on the post with your questions, ideas but be sure to mention them using their first name.

– When you publish a new post you can mention other LinkedIn members that you feel relevant to the post and the information you share can be valuable to them. These tags notify your connections that you don’t want them to miss something important or of interest to them. However keep in mind that you shouldn’t do it continually, otherwise it will annoy them.

  1. Join LinkedIn group

Similar to the Facebook group, you can expend your connection and knowledge by joining the LinkedIn group. Like the bridge to connect you and your audience, it helps your business to network with other people in your field industry and ultimately reaches out to other connections that are not on your immediate connections yet.

Remember when you join these groups, it’s for getting to know other new connections and let others know about you but not for blast advertisements into the group. LinkedIn group is best used to share the valuable content that aims to encourage higher engagement and gain quality leads. And when you share relevant content it can also lead more visitors to visit your site. Furthermore, joining the group can help you to learn more about your audience, have a deeper insight into your target audience. By joining the group that your audience also in, you can learn what kind of information/content your customers are looking for and how to make the most engagement match with their desire.

Let’s wrap it up

As reading here you can understand why LinkedIn is the most powerful platform for career networking and building a professional brand networking, not just for professionals but for small and big companies as well, and also in increasing the social media marketing saigon.

If you are a small business or a start-up and don’t have a LinkedIn company page, take notes of our tips and tricks because there is no better time than now to do it. As early as you can start building your LinkedIn, you can start increasing your credibility, reach out further to your target audience and share industry related expertise from other thought leaders in your industry.