Hiring the right SEO company is essential to foster the right online visibility for your business. It is not just about ‘making it’ to the top search results page. There are so many parameters to consider, for a successful evaluation of your SEO campaign. From highlighting the USPs of your products or services, to effectively merging other relevant areas of digital marketing (like social media marketing, email marketing etc) with Search Marketing and Local SEO to bring about the best results for your business, there is a lot of scope in liaising with the right professional SEO team.

How to identify the best SEO company in Mumbai?

As a Mumbai-based business owner, it is likely that you are flooded with digital marketing advertisements and Local SEO packages from numerous companies. In such a scenario, it is important to know how to identify the professional SEO Company in Mumbai. There are several steps to be taken in this regard. Once you have the list of best SEO service providers in Mumbai from Google, Bing, or Facebook, try to shortlist the best service providers based on online chats or telephonic conversations. Once you have shortlisted the ones that appeal to you most, it is recommended that you interview them in person, to understand how exactly they intend to assist you.

Points to Consider while interviewing SEO Service Providers

  1. If they start with their SEO proposal by first wanting to know about your business model, your offerings and specialties, as well as your target customers, and then pitching their SEO plan, customised as per your requirements, know that you are on the right track.
  2. In case the SEO service provider promises you the ‘No.1 Ranking’, know that it is a false guarantee. Because search algorithms are regularly updated, nobody can promise that.
  3. Their SEO plan should be aligned with the revenue-generation aspect of your business, in terms of how the SEO tactics would increase revenue. For example, if you own a hair salon in Mumbai, then the SEO company should propose a cost-effective Local SEO package to increase your online visibility to potential customers searching for ‘hair salon near me’, or ‘best hair salon in Mumbai’. Not just the ranking of your Salon Business Listing, but your reviews, ratings, establishment images, videos and overall appearance in the local search results should be enticing enough to generate interest amongst potential customers.
  4. The best SEO company would enquire about your current digital marketing efforts. Thereon, the best approach would be to work in tandem with them for the best results.
  5. They should want to know who your prime competitors are, and mention about analysing their strategies to the benefit of your business.

Checking out the Portfolio of the SEO Service Provider

Conducting a simple background check of the kind of clients that have availed SEO services from the said provider in the past, can reveal a lot about their expertise and experience. Check out their case-studies of previous clients, and how they have helmed their business expansion with strategic SEO campaigns. It is also recommended that you speak to at least one or two previous clients, and seek a direct feedback from them for your assurance. All frills aside, making more money is the ultimate objective of any business. The SEO service provider should be able to explain to you how they have helped other businesses generate higher revenue in the past, and how they can help your business make more money.

Site Audit by SEO Company in Mumbai

The final step before you decide on which SEO Company in Mumbai you wish to outsource your local SEO requirements to, is to request a site-audit. When the SEO team audits your website, they will be able to give you a complete picture of the SEO packages that are applicable to your business and website. Ideally, the Audit Report they give you should have a detailed checklist of parameters to make your site more search-friendly and user-friendly. Based on this checklist, a plan of action should be proposed by them, with complete costing, timeline and ROI details. Make sure you take everything in writing before going ahead with the deal. ROI should include tangible figures like click through rates, conversion rates optimization, organic traffic for all relevant pages, Google Ads visibility, Google Business Page Reviews, and so on.


Business owners need to tread very carefully when it comes to hiring an SEO Service Provider. The wrong choice can be taxing, and even lead to your website being penalized. Especially when you do not have sufficient time and resources to devote, choosing the right partner for Local SEO services and Digital Marketing Services is crucial. With the right local search visibility and top-notch portrayal of your offerings to interested local search-users, your business can make great accomplishments.