You already know what a business card is and probably have one for your business. Business cards come in many designs and decorative printings. Most business cards usually feature cutouts and emboss as the main decorative effects. However, if you’re looking for a unique decorative effect, UV decorative is the way to go.

So, what is a UV business card? This is a luxurious business card where a UV coating is applied on the entire card creating a glossy finish. They create stunning and lasting images that are difficult to forget. A glossy finish on your business card makes it stand out and appear attractive. Space Print spot UV is the best partner when you need a stunning UV business card.

1. UV Business Cards Verses Spot UV business cards

There is a small technical difference between a UV business card and a spot UV business card. Choosing the wrong term between these two can lead to two different results.

On UV business cards, the UV coating is applied on the entire card as stated. A spot UV on the other hand is an added layer of glossy finish coating that highlights important elements of your business card. Spot UV coating is specific to certain decorative elements of your business card. This can be on the business name, logo, address, etc.

2. Why you need to choose UV business cards?

UV coating is the newest technology in the creation of business cards with a wide array of benefits. Here are some of the reasons why you need to consider UV business cards.

Design enhancement A UV coating on your card will enhance your card design. This is because it reflects lights and makes your patterns and colors appear richer and in-depth. UV business cards are glossy and appear attractive creating a great image of your business. Think of the UV coating as the peanut butter and the spot UV as the cherry on top.

Personal image and brand

A UV business card speaks volumes about your business and you as a person. The business card exudes confidence when handed to prospects. Potential prospects will know they are dealing with a serious person.

Business card protection and longevity

UV-coatings are compound that when dried under UV light forms a solid layer. This layer prevents fading ensuring your card maintains its great looks. The card can withstand tear, scratches, peels, and corner bending. It is a strong card yet slick and smooth to represent cutting-edge concepts and modern know-how.

UV coating business card tips

UV business cards need to be printed on thick and heavy-gauge papers. A thicker paper resists bending and adds constitution to your business card for stable images. Consider 16-point gloss or 13-point recycled matte before applying the UV coating.


When starting your first business, it is important to create a strong first image for customers. Choosing a UV business card can speak volumes about your business.

A UV business card demonstrates to customers you mean business and you’re the type of person that delivers o promises.