Pre-roll packaging demand is increasing day by day and people around the globe are finding more alluring packaging design to fix the issue. The pre roll boxes are used worldwide.

These rolls are basically design in such a way which make the product within free of any humidity thus making it safe from microbes to work in it and saving it for long span of time.

 Our company manufacture pre-roll boxes in all sizes and shapes. We use offset printing techniques to produce elegant wholesale pre-roll boxes.

The world is shifting towards more advance patterns of living in which pre-rolls are also playing important roll. Thus, pre-roll boxes convincing customers to buy product and promote your brand name.

Most of the pre-roll packaging is use for storing cannabis and related products.

In the present word only, creative ideas and alluring packaging would be the only solution to stand out from the rest.

Custom printed pre-roll boxes and their importance?

Custom pre-roll box are important and very demanding especially among youth. Everyone wants their own custom printed boxes. All these boxes are tightly packed so no place left for moisture to come in and destroy it.

Material use for pre-roll boxes?

Cardboard material is mostly used for pre-roll packaging. Prints can be easily made on cardboard material so most of the time this is use.

Things being packed in pre-roll boxes?

Cannabis pre-roll box

Cigarettes pre-roll box

Hemp pre-roll boxes

Pre-roll display box

Pre-roll joint box

 What are Custom Pre-Roll Boxes?

With the passage of time the demand for pre-roll box is increasing and it has become very difficult to compete as everyone is producing new and innovative ways to save the product. Clear path packaging put more focus on custom boxes so the product of your choice can be made.

There are number of varieties available in the market which comes in different shapes, colors, stuff, and designs which are needed for packing this stuff inside pre-rolls.

 Custom made produce is also different depending upon the demand by the customer. These pre-rolls are in different sizes and dimensions which attract more customers to buy the product and thus led to boost the sales.

Why Custom Pre-Roll Joint Boxes more are trending?

Eco friendly

Easy shipping

More user friendly

 Eco-Friendly pre-roll boxes

Making environment green is the goal. More the sustainability the easier environment for people to use them.

 Packaging of pre-roll products is made eco friendly so after use they can easily be degraded without harming the environment.

This way it fulfils the market need and sale of the product also increases.

These boxes are becoming trendier because of the material being used in the making. Most of the time plastic free stuff is use which safe the planet from further use.

Easy shipping of pre-roll boxes

Easy shipping to the custom is very important in building up the image of your brand. You need to have better communication with the customers so that more market could be done to your product.

Also, shipment is necessary for timely delivery of your product. Safe shipping is also necessary for the product to reach its destination safely for this packaging also play important role in it.

Safe delivery of the pre-roll box is very important for branding your product.

Custom pre-roll wholesale boxes in the market

Custom pre-roll boxes are being made by our company in bulk to avoid any burden on the customers. Also, the rates we are offering at clear path packaging is very reasonable as compared to the market rates.

Why it is necessary to have perfect and attractive pre-roll packaging?

Packaging is one of the key element in branding any product in the market. Customers can attract to the product just by looking at the packaging.

 For this there is a need to have attractive and charming yet elegant packaging which enhances the identity of pre-rolls.

When you choose the packaging of any pre-roll boxes would be packed within it has to have a tightly packed packaging which will enhance the productivity and life span of the product.

Pre-roll packaging should be in hard material which can with stand with some pressure faced during the shipment. So, it won’t be damage or change its shape and remain intact.


Custom pre roll boxes need to have these features aforementioned they look alluring to customers and they can easily rely on buying them in wholesale.

Printing and packaging also play important role is persuading customers attentions towards your product. The more demand and supply is happening these days so more and more innovative products are the need of hour.

We produce pre-roll boxes which are not just ecofriendly also appealing to the customers because to innovative custom printing and packaging we are offering.