The cardboard industry is booming. And why is that? What is so special about this ordinary brown substance made of paper? Why are corrugated boxes regarded as one of the best innovations in the packaging industry?

Corrugated custom Boxes

The answer is very simple: it is highly useful. The reason why almost every kind of industry in the world is so dependent upon these boxes is because they have many advantages for the manufactures, as well as the consumers.

What is corrugated packaging?

We have all seen the boxes made of double layered brown sheets, with a wavy pattern in between them. This is the basic structure that we call “corrugated”. These patterns provide additional strength and functionality to the box.

Corrugated boxes

Why is cardboard used in packaging?

There are many reasons. We have made a list of some of the main factors that help in making this packaging one of the best:

  • They are light weight. The first thing that differentiates them from other bulky forms of packaging like plastic wraps, is that the material is very light. This helps in making the product easy to carry, transport and ship. In fact, corrugated shipping boxes have helped shipping companies reduce their costs significantly.
  • It is strong. Any packaging requires it to be durable. Made of three layers of cardboard paper, they are not only strong and rigid, but also functional. The boxes can hold large weights and do not fold, bend, break of tear apart. It is all in the design of the box. The size and thickness can vary according to the requirement of the product, but you can be assured that your product is wrapped up safely.
  • It offers complete protection. A major concern for any manufacturers is that their product can be harmed during warehousing, transit or retail. With this packaging, they can rest easy. The packaging protects them from any sort of physical shocks that can occur during shipping or careless handling of the package. Apart from that, it offers the items, protection from environmental factors like temperature, sunlight and moisture, making it a suitable choice to wrap edible, perishable and fragile substances in.
  • It is highly customizable. The most important factor that makes it useful for manufacturers is the fact that they can use this material to promote their brand. The boxes can be cut and folded in into any shape and design. Plus, we can print literally anything on them. These factors makes these boxes the perfect mean through which manufacturers can advertise their brand and differentiate their product from those of competitors. This is an important factor in establishing the repute of the brand and influencing sales, as the company can print or design their logo, and any other promotional details on the box.
  • It is economical. For any business, the production cost are a make or break factor in its success. Luckily for them, cardboard is one of the cheapest forms of packaging available in the market. It is light weight, which helps it to cut down on the transport and shipping costs. Secondly, it is very easy and cheap to produce cardboard. It does not require any sort of sophisticated machinery, large numbers of labor, or costly production techniques. For large purchasers, buying in bulk on wholesale rates is a very attractive option.
  • It is flexible. Packaging is supposed to be according to the needs of the product. And that requires it to be highly flexible. Corrugated sheets can be cut, folded and shaped and reshaped into any shape and size imaginable. You can paint over it, print it, add in textures, emboss, deboss or make any sort of designs or patterns that you wish. The boxes serve as a sort of canvas for the creativity of the producer.
  • It is eco-friendly: the main concern over packaging these days is its sustainability and its impact on the environment. Plastic packaging is one of the largest pollutants which is polluting our land, seas and air. The perfect replacement for that? Corrugated cardboard. It is made from wood pulp and natural products. The boxes are highly reusable, and can be reused many times after the first use. Even if not, the boxes are bio degradable, and can easily be thrown in the garbage. However, cardboard is recyclable and can be easily used in the production of new boxes. Scrap yards collect cardboard and resell it at wholesale prices to buyers.

Therefore, we can see how corrugated cardboard packaging is used in a variety of ways and has many advantages over the traditional means of packaging. The global demand for these boxes is rising, reflected in the increasing levels of revenue earned by manufacturers of corrugated boxes.