Creating a startup is awesome when you have all it takes to progress, but not knowing the right field to cover may reduce your potential of getting investors.

If you are picking or developing ideas and have confirmed it stands out among others, why not see if it is what investors can rush to in a very short moment?

I have watched so many startups, seeing some grow and some die along the line after discovering there will not be fund from anywhere. You should not fall into the same pit if you are just planning, just check if your idea fits into what angel investors can drop their last penny on.

Whom Are You Collaborating With?

Whom you are collaborating with in any startup matters. If you envisaged you may have problem in the nearest future, why not quit the collaboration and go your way? Some startups are nowhere to be found today, because of the people who nursed the idea.

I do not expect you to be of the same behavior, what is important is that you should contribute your quota without any hindrance. If one of you is always lagging behind, he is not ready to go along with you. Be prepared, he will debar your progress.

What Are You Planning To Do?

Startups are not just created, they should solve tangible problems in the society. Nothing is new on earth. If your startup is a stolen idea, before you begin, make sure you have added worthwhile qualities that will make you stand above all competitors.

When you solve a problem, introduce more ideas into it. Let your customers see you as a king. Do this gradually, and insert ideas that are unmatched as time goes on.

What Problem Should My Startup Solve?

So many problems exist today, let your startup face a very special one. Make it appear as if you are the only solution to your customers’ problem, this will give you upper hand.

Nonetheless, you can choose from the following areas when you want to start your idea.


Investors like startups solving educational problems, this is because education is a lifetime issue. Nothing can stop people from seeking it.

Notice that startups are not very many solving education-related problems, if they are, may be they have not been doing fantastic. You can give your startups an edge by doing so. So many people fail exams in different parts of the world, can your startup solve their problems?


Health sector lacks adequate startups. From sensualmedics to drug and patient care, this area needs your help. Startups in this area are not enough to solve problems bedeviling this arena.

Create a startup that can tackle one of the very many health challenges. Then relax, investors will come your way.


One of the common challenges people have today is employment, this is the reason angel investors love to see startups tackling this problem. You can design your startup in a way that it solves this problem.

Renewable Energy

United Nations keeps on campaigning for renewable energy, how is your startup going to benefit from this global campaign. If you are within this area, you need no promotion, just solve the problem, and people will patronise you a lot.

Do not give yourself unnecessary thinking, above are templates that can make you succeed as a startup. So, what is delaying you from starting?