Virtual events are here to stay, and every organization should learn to use digital media for promoting their products and brand online.

You can choose a virtual expo platform with the best features for hosting your next online exhibition. Implementing the right marketing strategy to grab attention towards your virtual exhibition determines its success.

How to Digitally Promote Your Virtual expo?

According to recent reports, the online exhibition and trade shows segment captured the largest revenue share of over 30.0 percent in 2020 and is expected to maintain its dominance in the future.

Here are a few ways you can also leverage the digital platform to promote your next virtual exhibition.

Email-Marketing Techniques

Every organization maintains a database of loyal customer details. With the information in hand, you can track potential consumers for your virtual exhibition.

Sending out promotional emails to a targeted audience is one of the most effective online expo promotions. You can lure maximum attendees towards your event by keeping them updated with exciting product information through emails.

Parts of a successful email campaign are:

  • A catchy subject line that draws user attention.
  • Relevant content about the virtual exhibition includes the date and timings of the virtual event, list of speakers, and short, exciting information about the products.

Make an Eye-catchy Event Page

The first impression is the last impression, goes a popular saying. The first advertisement on your event page should be unique and attractive.

Your event landing page on the company’s website should communicate all the necessary details for the participants. An excellent virtual expo platform can help you generate the right marketing tools like web-link pages, surveys, and business cards.

A great landing page will gather maximum online traffic and turn your virtual expo into a successful one. An event page should come with a clear call to action to encourage the audience to register a slot for your virtual expo.

Use Social Media Platform to Promote Your Event

Social media channels, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, play a major role in attracting a wider set of online audiences for your virtual exhibition.

These accounts target a specific geographical location. Hence, you can be sure of reaching the right customers and get maximum leads for your next virtual expo.

You can use paid promotions like Google and Facebook Ads to generate paid traffic to your social media account and notify people about your upcoming virtual exhibition.

Place Your Bets on Video Promotion

Releasing an exciting short video clip on digital platforms always works. YouTube videos are in demand, making it one of the best places to release a good teaser.

A visually appealing video with an attractive thumbnail will force people to press the play button and get maximum likes and shares on social media.

Final Note

Sponsors are the best people to promote your virtual expo to a wider audience. You should team up with your event sponsors and get them involved in the event promotion process.

You can add images or graphics with information about your sponsors and use it as a perfect promotional tool for your virtual exhibition.