Copywriting is a bit of the marketing discipline that has been on the rise in recent years. And yet, no one knows how to use Copywriting, or even if it is a necessity for their business.  So I wanted to give you a quick overview of my vision of Copywriting, because without wishing to disappoint you: Copywriting is just an additional marketing technique (which perfectly matches your business strategy, your SEO strategy or your newsletter strategy) .  The principle of Copywriting is to sell, through words.

This is for the simple version.

In the idea, learn copywriting from best online copywriting course is to be able to more easily convince your visitors / your prospects in order to make them want to buy. But for that, the idea is to make them dream, to travel… To transport them.

Copywriting is like telling a story with every word you use. And for the story to be of quality: it must speak to your target. So you need to know your target perfectly.


So, unsurprisingly, we see more and more Copywriters appear. And to be honest: it’s a happy mess . Since this is a new profession, we all have our own vision and we build our offers according to our own rules.

The role of the Copywriter is therefore to call to action .

This goes through the words used, the positioning of the call-to-action buttons, the turn of the sentences which will be more inciting… Finally, its role is to come to optimize your current base to bring more persuasion to it  and in a majority of the event to develop your  brand image .

The Copywriter brings value to your web content and arouses interest.


Today, it is quite difficult to lay the foundations and distinguish between Copywriting and content marketing.  Content marketing aims to:

  • attract traffic,
  • to develop your prospect database
  • to make you known
  • and develop your brand image.

Well, Copywriting is ultimately the technique you are going to be able to integrate into your content marketing to give it more power , more people , commitment and therefore impact .

Copywriting will boost your results because it allows you to create personalized content based on your ideal client. He meets his expectations in terms of information, but in addition to that, he uses his own vocabulary, his deep fears or will come to arouse the emotion at a precise moment.  You can therefore use Copywriting on all digital marketing media:

  • blog posts ,
  • newsletters
  • site page
  • landing page and wind page
  • Product Pages
  • videos
  • podcasts

In conclusion, Copywriting is an additional tool in your digital marketing toolbox. But believe me this tool is the one that makes all the difference.

It allows you to build a strong brand image, because your content is no longer just content. They all convey a message, an aura that is unique to you and therefore allows you to become a brand in its own right.


Just like exclamation marks, superlatives make your copy poorer. They encourage ease, which is detrimental to your conversion goals. If you want to use phrases like “the best” or “the easiest,” you will have to prove what you are superior to.

For example, OnCrawl avoids declaring itself “best tool”, on the other hand it claims to work with the “best companies” while citing them. This technique makes it possible to enhance the value of its customers, while – indirectly – highlighting its know-how:

Simple and unifying testimonials

Surely you’ve read testimonials that appear to have been written by a marketer? The sugar coated words that tell you how wonderful, amazing and super perfect a service or product is?

Honestly, we have the impression that he plays the violin on us! Copywriting does not wrap around anything. It is factual and restores the facts as they happened. Writing testimonials should help overcome objections, while allowing prospects to project themselves into working with your business.

Moreover, copywriting never hesitates to enrich its speech with content generated directly by users.