The field of human resources is welcoming towards people from disparate backgrounds and it usually doesn’t differentiate on the basis of educational background or experience. So, how useful is it to get yourself certified in the HR realm?

They say that earning a certification is not a prerequisite for having a fulfilling HR career. Non-Candidates also get their share of work in the HR industry, however, the fact remains that owning an extra qualification always helps. Whether it’s a certification or a digital badge, there is something or the other that you learn out of every informative course you pursue and employers appreciate that. Especially now since the role of HR is evolving are a lightning fast speed.

The Changing Role of HR enhancing the Demand for Best HR Certification

A few years ago, handling administrative work and being good with finance and numbers to manage the payroll department was considered to the basic criterion for becoming an HR practitioner. Although, as times changes, so did the HR domain.

Human Resource leaders are expected to act as strategic partners to the CEO. They are not only responsible for managing personnel but other business functions as well. Long gone are the days when HR professionals were only supervising the company’s employees, hiring new ones, paying and dealing with the staff.

There has been an elevation in the status of HR leaders who have finally found their place at the C-suite table where all the essential decisions are made. The HR department keeps a track of every activity which is going on in different divisions of the company along with the industry that it is functioning in. They are required to gather relevant industry information and market trends to assist the management in making smarter decisions.

Fundamentally, they are in a more powerful position as compared to earlier times and as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. It is the responsibility of HR practitioners to enhance their knowledge and skills by acquiring HR certifications to make themselves competent enough to take up such high-degree work. To build and sustain an HR career, the need of the hour is to polish yourself and upgrade your knowledge of the subject.

The Reasons to acquire Best HR Certifications

•    To enter the HR field

Entering the field of human resources becomes a piece of cake once you acquire a certification because you get a competitive edge that helps you attract the right career opportunities towards yourself. A survey conducted by the HR Certification Institute revealed that 96 percent of employers prefer hiring certified professionals over non-certified ones.

•    To climb the ladder to success

Certifications are not only useful for newcomers but are highly helpful for mid-career professionals who long for a better role and responsibilities. HR and Talent Management Certifications from reputed institutes like Talent Management Institute and Society for Human Resource Management are utilitarian tools for keeping your knowledge up-to-date. Pursuing an HR course online showcases your dedication towards your work and dominion which, according to employers, is an enticing trait in an employee.