Job applicants usually get their job applications declined due to mistakes when writing their CVS’s.

If you are looking to write a CV for your upcoming job application you need to avoid the following mistakes. Before you know what to avoid you can seek resume writing services from experts.

Spelling Mistakes

While writing your curriculum vitae you may commit minor spelling mistakes. Do you know that this may make your resume be thrown out during a job application? Therefore, when writing your CV ensure you don’t have any spelling mistakes. You can check your CV’s for spelling mistakes from grammar checking tools.


It’s 2019 and the format of writing CV’s usually changing with time. With the change in format companies usually look for applicants who are well-versed with the current format of CV writing. Moreover, employers require a precise and straight to the point resume. Make sure the format of your resume is easy to read.

No Evidence

An employer wants you to have evidence of your work experience, skills, and what you have achieved in your CV. By not showing evidence of what you have written in your CV may make your resume thrown away without any consideration. That is no matter how much you qualify for the job.

Assuming Other Things

Sometimes you may see other things in your CV as not important. What if that is what will make you secure that job? So, don’t assume anything no matter how small it may look.


When you are writing avoid using cliché terms like team player, jack of all trades, or a good communicator. Many employers have come across dozens of such words and you using such may show how incompetent you are. If necessary, ensuring you give relevant examples.

No Tailoring

Which role you are applying for is very essential. If a company needs several positions. It requires all the applicants to specify which positions they are applying for. If you forget to tailor which position you are applying for may make you not get a chance to be interviewed. So, it is a requirement to tailor your CV.


According to Robert Walters the length of your CV matters a lot when you are applying for a job. don’t write a lengthy resume. Just be concise and you will be considered for the post you have or will apply for.

Email Address

Being professional is what you need to be when you are writing your CV. Therefore, ensure you have an email address that is like your name. for example, Don’t use email addresses that you created while you were a teenager.

Keyword Stuffing

You may be applying for a job online and the employer doesn’t have time to read each CV at a time. Therefore, they will look for a simple way to automatically disqualify applicants by use of a CV scanning system. So, when writing your resume avoid keyword stuffing.

Font Style and Size

For an easy to read CV ensure you use a font size and style that the employer will read without any struggles.

Why you Left

There is no need to inform the recruiting officer why you left your previous position. That may bring a bad impression of you.


Remember you are applying for a job. It is not an interview. Hence, you don’t need to indicate the amount you need to be paid.


Why should you insert images in your CV? For what reason? Images may make your CV hard to read or too long. Thus, avoid inserting images.


It is a professional document and the language you need to use should be professional. Therefore, always keep your CV’s language professional.


Don’t cheat to have experience in a certain job. That is not advised. Be truthful when writing your curriculum vitae always.


To secure a job you need to have a well-crafted curriculum vitae. You need to research the best methods of writing a resume. Therefore, while you write your CV ensure that you avoid the above common mistakes done while writing your curriculum vitae. Thanks for your time