In recent years, contemporary abstract artists have been gaining a lot of attention and appreciation in the world of art. Their path-breaking works are being showcased at renowned art galleries around the world.

Young abstract artists from America and around the globe are getting a chance to showcase their artwork for a local and global audience. All these are undoubtedly positive developments, but to understand what they mean for the world of art, we must first understand what abstract art is in the first place.

What is Abstract Art?

Abstract art is a unique and rather mysterious form of artistic expression that is hard to describe and evades artistic classification. This art-form has been around for over a century, and is yet to be understood completely by experts, connoisseurs, and laymen alike.

All types of artwork require some level of abstraction, but abstract art stands out from the rest by focusing primarily on the idea or concept and distancing it completely from the physical referent that inspired it.

Visually, a piece of abstract art will be extremely distant from any objects that might represent that idea in the physical world. In some circles, abstract art is also known as non-representational art. Abstract artists endeavor to convey an emotion, rather than representing a physical object in the form of artwork.

Where Did Abstract Art Originate?

According to art historians, abstract art as a movement originated in the early 20th century, when artists in Russia and Europe strove to create what they described as ‘pure’ or nonobjective art. These creative works, unlike their predecessors, were not grounded in visual perception of the physical world. Rather, they originated from the artist’s own imagination.

Francis Picabia painted “Caoutchouc” in 1909 and Vasily Kandinsky’s renowned “Picture with a Circle” was painted in 1911, kicking off the abstract art movement in earnest. The abstract art movement was inspired by and built upon the concepts of 19th century artistic movements such as expressionism and impressionism, which first experimented with the idea of depicting subjectivity and emotion via paintings.

Contemporary Abstract Artists

Abstract art continues to attract and inspire young artists in the modern world. Hence, it is not surprising that many young artists around the globe are doing exceptional work in the realm of abstract expressionism, taking this art form further than it has ever gone before.

However, they need encouragement and exposure in order to continue their amazing work and inspire the next generation of artists. Therefore, some of the most renowned and respected art galleries are showcasing their artistic pieces, in the hope that it might help them attract a wider audience. 

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Some of the most well-known contemporary abstract artists working these days are Cecily Brown, Luo Zhongli, Lori Landry, and Miquel Barcelo. Art galleries around the world showcase their exquisite abstract paintings, as well as those of many others who are yet to gain the widespread recognition that their work deserves.

The San Clemente Art Gallery

The San Clemente Art Gallery is managed by the San Clemente Art Association, a nonprofit volunteer organization co-sponsored by the city of San Clemente in Orange County, California. All the members of this nonprofit organization generously contribute their time and talents to the cause of enriching the community and the world with diverse types and forms of art.

The San Clemente Art Gallery is known for helping young contemporary abstract artists gain a platform to showcase their artistic skills and talent. The gallery also organizes many programs and events in order to help artists gain a greater degree of exposure within the community. The San Clemente Art Gallery is also well known in the area for supporting local artists from the state of California by showcasing their original paintings, fine crafts, and larger prints.

Shows and Events

The Association organizes about eight shows at the gallery every year, most of them juried. These initiatives help local patrons, art enthusiasts, and connoisseurs discover new talent while also helping abstract artists find new markets for their work. Almost all the artwork showcased at the San Clemente Art Gallery are for sale, which means that they enable young artists from the area support themselves while they continue doing pioneering work in the field of abstract art.

The gallery is open to the public round the year, and admission is free for all visitors. They also organize an annual Art and Craft Fair at the San Clemente Art Gallery which attracts huge crowds from the city and beyond. Art enthusiasts and supporters should definitely visit the gallery around August so as to be able to attend this unique fair and support local and emerging abstract artists.