If you are struggling to pass CBSE Class 12 Chemistry, you should know how to find Class 12 Chemistry Notes for the subject. There are several sources for notes, including NCERT books, Previous years papers, Timetables, and Laboratory exercises. Moreover, these notes can be very useful for planning your study strategy and helping you identify weaker sections of the subject.

NCERT books

The NCERT Books are the primary source for CBSE students studying chemistry. Chemistry is one of the most difficult subjects, and students need to study it smartly to score well in their board exams. The NCERT books are prepared by subject experts and are the ideal resource for students to study for the class 12 board exams.

The NCERT books provide detailed notes on every topic in chemistry, and are a great way to revise before the exam. The notes are written in easy-to-understand language and have eye-catching formatting. The notes cover all the concepts and formulas required for the board examination, and are up-to-date with the latest syllabus pattern.

The NCERT books for class 12 chemistry are written by the top authors and cover all the important areas. These textbooks are written specifically to help students prepare for the CBSE Class 12 board examination and other competitive exams. Moreover, the textbooks will help students answer difficult questions easily.

Previous years’ papers

Studying previous years’ papers for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry is an excellent way to learn and understand the content. By studying past papers, students can get an idea of the type of questions they will be asked, the marking scheme, and the exam pattern. This will help them perform confidently in the examination.

The main purpose of previous years’ papers for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry is to help students improve their preparation for the board exam. It allows students to get familiar with the type of questions they will face on the board exam. It also helps them understand the correct approach to answer each question.

Previous years’ papers for CBSE Class 12 Physics and Chemistry are an excellent resource for students. They give them an idea of the type of questions they will be asked, as well as how much time they will have to spend on each topic. Also, they can help them identify gaps between what they have learned and what the board examiners are looking for.


Timetables are an important tool for students to follow during board examinations. However, some students are hesitant about following them. However, the benefits of a proper timetable cannot be overemphasized. When students adhere to a timetable, they are mentally prepared for the board examinations.

Exam timetables are distributed according to the syllabus. They should be followed as closely as possible during the preparation. Moreover, students should take help of their professors and prepare thoroughly for the exams. By following the prescribed timetables, students can complete the course in the stipulated time. Timetables are also a valuable tool for students to understand the pattern of board examinations.

Students can download their Timetables for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry by visiting the official website of the CBSE Board. There, they can find the exam dates for the first and second term. These date sheets include both the practical and theoretical exams.

Laboratory exercises

It is important for students to understand the syllabus and the laboratory exercises to score well in the class twelve science examination. A proper study schedule helps students to manage their time effectively. It also helps them avoid distractions like social media and entertainment. They should study the topics every day and use the strategies taught by the teacher. A well-deserved reward should be planned to reward their hard work.

Chemistry is an extremely difficult subject for Class 12 students. It demands a lot of theoretical mugging up and memory power, and can take a toll on a student’s confidence. While some students are good at the subject, others have to work hard to perfect it. To achieve high marks in the subject, students need to start early. They should start studying a good book and understand the basic concepts. This will give them a leg up on their competitors.

In addition to notes, students should make use of the laboratory exercises. These are an essential part of the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry practical examination. Students will need to perform the activities listed in the Chemistry Lab Manual to obtain full marks. This will increase their overall score in the 12th board examination.