Chase Stokes is an American actor who rose to fame for his breakout role as John B in the Netflix teen drama series Outer Banks. With his boyish good looks and charming surfer dude persona, Chase has quickly become one of the hottest up-and-coming young actors in Hollywood.

Early Life and Background

Chase was born Charles Alexander Stokes on September 16, 1992, in Annapolis, Maryland. He was raised in South Florida by his father, Jeff Stokes, who worked in the telecommunications industry, and his mother, Jennifer Canning, who worked as an assistant to business executives.

As a child, Chase developed a strong interest in sports, especially football, baseball, and swimming. He was an active kid who loved the outdoors. Chase attended Timber Creek High School in Orlando, Florida where he excelled as a wide receiver on the school’s football team.

After graduating high school in 2010, Chase attended Valencia College in Orlando for two years before moving to Los Angeles in 2012 to pursue an acting career.

Career Beginnings

Chase’s career began with small roles in various television shows shot in Florida such as Stranger Things and Daytime Divas. His first speaking role came in a 2014 episode of the NBC crime drama Chicago P.D.

In 2015, he was cast in a recurring role as Captain Charles Whitaker in the MTV comedy-drama series Finding Carter. The same year, he appeared in a minor role as Oscar in the Netflix supernatural drama series Between. These early acting credits helped Chase get his foot in the door and gain valuable experience on set.

Breakout Role on Outer Banks

Chase got his big break in 2019 when he was cast as John B in the Netflix action-adventure mystery series Outer Banks. As the leader of the working-class “Pogues” crew, Chase’s character John B. was at the center of the show’s story of teen friendship, romance, and the search for missing treasure.

Outer Banks was Chase’s first lead role in a major television production. His natural charisma and likable underdog persona resonated strongly with viewers. The show’s first season was a huge hit, turning Chase into an overnight teen idol. Fans were drawn to his character’s humor, loyalty, athleticism, and heart of gold.

The role displayed Chase’s versatility as an actor, allowing him to showcase both comedic and dramatic skills. It also required athleticism, as John B was frequently riding dirt bikes, swimming, or getting into fights. Chase did many of his stunts on the show.

Instant Heartthrob Status

Almost immediately after Outer Banks debuted in April 2020, Chase became a Gen Z sensation. His Instagram follower count skyrocketed from a few thousand to over 7 million in just a few months.

Chase’s handsome good looks, 6-foot-tall athletic frame, and effortless beach stud style made him hugely appealing to fans. He rapidly ascended to heartthrob status, joining the ranks of actors like Zac Efron or Cole Sprouse with passionate female fan bases.

Magazine features and social media standing soon followed as Chase became a highly sought-after star. But he has remained down-to-earth and gracious to fans. Many praise him for how approachable and genuine he is during interactions.

Subsequent Projects

Due to his meteoric rise and newfound star power, Chase earned lead roles in two 2022 Netflix original films. He starred as polar opposite characters in the romantic comedy He’s All That (opposite TikTok star Addison Rae) and the thriller Tell Me Lies.

Reviews praised his acting range and ability to successfully pivot between genres. Later in 2022, Chase also appeared in the ensemble of the Hulu holiday rom-com The 12 Dates of Christmas.

Riding high off his momentum, Chase is expanding his resume even further. He has been cast in the upcoming racing movie One Of Us Is Lying and will play a lead role in the new Peacock series A Spooked Evening. Chase also plans to move behind the camera, as he is developing a project called Breath with Outer Banks co-creator Jonas Pate.

As evidenced by the variety of his upcoming projects, Chase aims to avoid typecasting and continue growing as an actor.

Personal Life

Chase values his privacy and maintains a fairly low-key personal life. But some details are known about his hobbies and romantic life.

An avid athlete and outdoor enthusiast, Chase enjoys swimming, surfing, boating, and just about any activity that gets him under the sun or immersed in nature. He spends much of his free time in and around the water or playing sports like golf.

On the dating front, Chase keeps most relationships out of the public eye. He tends to keep his circle small and stay close to friends he’s had for years. Chase was linked in 2021 to model Madelyn Cline, who played his love interest Sarah Cameron on Outer Banks. But they reportedly broke up at the end of 2022 due to busy work schedules.

Like his character John B, Chase has a very chilled-out, casual vibe. While now a bona fide celebrity, he remains dedicated to his craft and grounded in his roots. Chase credits his close friends and family for keeping him humble amidst his sudden fame.

What’s Next For Chase Stokes?

As Chase looks ahead to the future, the possibilities seem endless for the talented, rapidly rising star.

He is set to headline multiple upcoming feature films, branching out into diverse genres and storytelling formats. Many predict breakout dramatic performances that will underscore the depth of his acting abilities.

Most anticipate Chase will return for future seasons of Outer Banks, as the show’s devoted fanbase eagerly awaits more adventures with the Pogues. But Chase will likely continue to intersperse other projects between filming to display range.

Chase also plans to explore working behind the scenes, writing, and developing his material. His creative pursuits may even extend to directing, production, and business ventures outside of performing.

Still only 30 years old, Chase Stokes is just getting started. With his Hollywood clout on the rise, there is no telling just how far his talents will take him. One thing is certain – Chase aims to keep growing as an artist while staying loyal to the values that anchor him. For Chase Stokes, living life to the fullest means cherishing both work and play.

5 Unique FAQs About Chase Stokes

Where is Chase Stokes from?

Chase Stokes was born in Annapolis, Maryland but grew up in South Florida. He attended high school in Orlando, Florida before moving to Los Angeles in 2012 to pursue an acting career.

How old is Chase Stokes?

As of 2023, Chase Stokes is 30 years old. His birthday is September 16, 1992.

Is Chase Stokes dating anyone?

Chase tends to keep his dating life private. He was rumored to be dating his Outer Banks co-star Madelyn Cline for some time in 2021. They reportedly broke up in late 2022. Currently, there are no signs that Chase is in a public relationship.

What is Chase Stokes’ net worth?

Estimates of Chase Stokes’ net worth vary, but it is believed to be around $650,000 as of early 2023. This is mostly derived from his salary and earnings from Netflix’s Outer Banks as well as brand sponsorships on Instagram. His net worth is expected to rise as his career continues.

What will Chase Stokes do next?

Chase has several upcoming projects in motion. He is set to star in the films One Of Us Is Lying and A Spooked Evening. Chase will likely return for future seasons of Outer Banks on Netflix. He also plans to work behind the scenes developing his material to act in and direct.