Christmas is the festival of joy and celebrations. Christmas brings people together with positivity and optimism. It is the day that we celebrate in the honour of our saviour Jesus Christ was born. Different cultures’ households have a different set of traditions that line up since past generations that are followed religiously every year on the occasion of Christmas. Same goes for us; we too have a list of celebrations that we sincerely follow since ages. Since the start we are taught to be nice as only then Santa will gift us, this holiday is an embodiment of true values that inspire us to be faithful towards each other and towards god. In celebrating Christmas we celebrate the love as well as the condescension of the saviour. All the bright colours with amazing gifts and the music fill our hearts with joy.

Every year on Christmas eve we all get together and bake pies and Christmas cakes with delicious cookies. While the toddlers set up their Christmas stockings for the Santa to put treats in. The whole house lights up with decorative and sparkly star lights and the laughter of joy and fun. This is the day we forget our differences to cherish the life that is given to us and to spoil each other with gifts and delicious treats. Christmas cakes are a huge deal at our traditions, we love baking as well as sending cakes to our loved ones. The Christmas plum cakes are just a delight to have.

Christmas in our family has always been a pleasure; we start the celebrations well in advance by baking treats and distributing them all over the neighbourhood. Children come together and go to every house on the streets to sing carols as well as choirs as they are a way of singing praises for the lord and to be appreciative of our life all together. During these visits they take blessings from the elders, not to forget all the delicious desserts they prey upon at each house.

Beautiful Christmas trees are decorated with lights and Christmas bells, with that beautiful shiny angel at the top. Apart from all that, we children write letters to Santa for what they want this Christmas, with their imaginations flying. It’s beautiful to see how innovative they can be with their wishes. Elders dress up as Santa to surprise children distributing candies and treats. We were always told that gifts just don’t go to the ones that are in our family but also to the less fortunate ones who do not have the means to fulfill their basic needs. We donate our toys and our old books for the ones who can benefit from the same. We also distribute treats such as Christmas cookies as well as Christmas cakes to help spread happiness.

Talking about gifts, who doesn’t like gifts? These are the small surprises that if shared with someone go a long way in strengthening your bonds with the other person. But what if the person is not here with you or stays miles away. One of my very near and dear brothers lives miles away in Bangalore so since last few years it has been a ritual for me to send flowers to Bangalore as a token of my love to him.  Apart from that I do sometimes order online cake and flower delivery in Bangalore as it is comparatively easier for me. Sending someone a gift can definitely pop up joy in anyone’s life especially in the holiday season when they are unable to come meet the family and are stranded in a place they can’t call theirs.

Apart from all that our family elders organize little treasure hunts for small children of the family to encourage team building and to encourage the love they have for each other. Gifts are a great way to entice children to learn the path of good and positive behavior. To make sure everyone is there at the family gathering we connect to the ones that are far away via calls, so that they don’t feel ghosted at all. And that’s what Christmas is all about, the exciting gifts and family bonding at its best.

Overall I would just like to say that it is the spirit of happiness which counts in this holiday season. This spirit helps you to devote yourself truly and unconditionally to what God plans for you with faith and positivity & share your business story. It is the day to give without expecting anything back. To sing thankful praises to the Lord for all the blessings he has given to you throughout the year and be optimistic that whatever he has in store for you will be more than what you desire. It is the day to be united with all your loved ones and appreciate each other’s company.