We present information about the actors from the Turkish series “Hercai” which is broadcast on Kanal D starting with February 9, 2021. The series “Hercai” tells the story of an impossible love that was born out of revenge.

The Turkish series “Hercai” has in the center of the story Reyyan (played by the actress Ebru Şahin) and Miran (played by the actor Akın Akınözü), two young people whose lives, which are full of childhood traumas, end up meeting, fall in love and fight for their love even in spite of all obstacles.

Aslanbey is the sole heir of his family. He is a cold, distant, but strong and intelligent man, who was raised by his grandmother Azize Aslanbey with stories of revenge. All the latest episodes are now available for you on despre seriale turcesti

In 2021 the most popular show in Romania is Hercai which people always love to watch on their free time. Dulce Razbunare is also getting huge fan following now in these days.
Reyyan Şadoğlu (Ebru Şahin)

She is the eldest daughter of Hazar and Zehra Shadoğlu, Reyyan. An innocent, pure and pure young woman. He is lovingly attached to his family and all those around him. However, he could never see the love he saw from his mother and brother from his grandfather, Nasuh Shadoglu.

Nasuh Şadoğlu (Macit Sonkan)

He is the greatest and indispensable leader of the family. His word is an order. What I decide, what I say is never measured, indisputably, never opposed.

Azize Aslanbey (Ayda Aksel)

It is the largest in the Aslanbey family. Azize is a ruthless woman who suffered a lot, buried her husband, three sons, two brides, whose heart is hardened by hatred. Twenty-seven years ago, he swore revenge.

Hazar Şadoğlu (Serhat Tutumluer)

The eldest son of the Shadoglu family is Hazar, the right hand of his father Nasuh. His judgment comes after his father and binds them all. He is an honest, hardworking, trustworthy, loved, respected, trustworthy man.

Sultan Aslanbey (Gülçin Santırcıoğlu)

The only surviving daughter-in-law of the Aslanbey family is Gonul Sultan’s mother. He came out of nowhere and became a lady in the mansion. After Azize, it is his biggest dream to take over the Aslanbey family.

Azat Şadoğlu (Tansu Taşanlar)

He is the son of Cihan and Handan. Shadoglu is the only one who continues his descent. He did what he was told all his life and was contemptuous. Whatever is asked of him, your students never opposed or opposed his family and what they believed.

Gönül Aslanbey (Oya Unustası)

One of the two daughters of the Aslanbey family is the only child of the sultan and the vahit. The skirt is a beautiful and angry girl. She always acts with her emotions. Her only dream is a great love, she wants to be loved as he loves her.

Handan Şadoğlu (Gülçin Hatıhan)

Handan is Cihan’s wife. She does not like Zehra and Reyyan in any way and wants her husband to become Shadoglu’s heir.

Cihan Şadoğlu (Serdar Özer)

He is the youngest son of Nasuh Shadoglu. He is in a race with his brother, the Caspian. Always try to prove it. A man respected as a Caspian, listened to wants to be his father’s most trusted son, but he can’t do that.

Yaren Şadoğlu (İlay Erkök)

She is the daughter of Cihan and Handan Yaren Șadoğlu. Her simple beauty attracts attention with her smiling face, but these smiles and beauty are just the mask of an evil soul. Yaren has a bad and jealous heart, especially against Reyyan.

Zehra Şadoğlu (Feride Çetin)

Hazar Șadoğlu’s wife is the mother of Reyyan and Gul. Zehra is bound by a great love and loyalty to her husband and children. Even if he is a gentle person, when he feels a threat to his children, the lion is cut off. She is a devoted mother and a loyal wife devoted to the happiness of her daughters and husband.

Fırat Demiralp (Cahit Gök)

He grew up in Aslanbey Mansion. He was Miran’s only friend in this life and they grew up as brothers with Miran in Kars. Miran is everything that happened to the Euphrates, Azize never saw the Euphrates except his own nephew.

Gül Şadoğlu (Ebrar Demirbilek)

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Short biography of the main actors from the Hercai series

Akın Akinozu was born in Ankara, Turkey, on September 22, 1990. He graduated from the best college in Los Angeles, UC Berkeley Applied Math, where he studied acting. He played the discreet role of Ivan in the first episode of Suleyman the Magnificent, after which he later received the role of Omar in the series “Payitaht Abdülhamid”. He is known to the public mainly due to his role in the series “Hercai”.

Ebru Shahin was born on May 18, 1994 in Istanbul. She graduated from the University of Physical Education and Sports in Besyo, where she was chosen the most beautiful girl in the educational institution. She is known to the Romanian public in the Turkish series broadcast by Kanal D, “The Bride of Istanbul” and “The Price of Happiness”..