Disha Patani is not just beautiful but also a viral queen. Every other day there is some Bollywood news with her name in it and it has the power to make the entire internet go crazy about her. (something netzines get mad as well).

For now, the actress is busy shooting for her upcoming film Bharat. Salman Khan is the lead actor and producer of the movie. Although Disha Patani’s look for the movie is yet to be revealed, she is again trending for a different reason.

But the internet has found something better. This time its a video of Disha Patani’s very first interview.

Disha Patai is one of the prettiest actresses in Bollywood, some might also call her internet crush. The girl started to gain attention after her Cadbury Dairy Milk TV commercial. After that, she got her first break in Bollywood by working along Sushant Singh Rajput in MS Dhoni: The Story Untold.

What’s in the video?

Someone has found an old audition video of Disha Patani and the internet is making it viral. The video has star herself in it, dressed in a white vest and denim shorts. Her hair is tied into a ponytail while giving an audition.

She can be seen holding a whiteboard in the video that has all her information mentioned on it. As her age (19) was mentioned on the whiteboard along with her height (5’8.5″) and other information.

Even though the video is 7 years old, and from the very beginning of her career. One can easily notice that she is confident in front of the camera maybe that’s why fans are sharing this video to make it viral, which already has become latest bollywood news.

Before trying to see the beauty cream (which was the main purpose to see if she can act), Disha showed her front and side profile in front of the internet. After that, she takes on the act and did the same scene for more than once. No doubt, in all those takes, she looks just the same. She had the same smile during every take and looks pretty confident.

The video is quite old and some fans might not be able to recognize that this is Disha Patani at a single glance. After all, she has changed so much now. She has become more talented and pretty in all these years. She has worked on her body as well and just like her rumoured (real) boyfriend, she has become super fit and super sexy.

People on twitter are surprised by her efforts, by her transformation that has made many people commenting that Disha looked unrecognisable in the throwback video. Her throwback viral video has become a trending Bollywood news in the industry.

Other than that latest on Bollywood, Jackie Shroff has also opened up about Disha Patani and his son Tiger Shroff’s rumoured relationship. He revealed that yes, they two are very good friends, share the same passion of working out and dance. Jackie commented saying, “Who knows what might happen next, they may get married in future or remain friends for life. But for now, they are just friends.”

Jackie Shroff might not have revealed the truth but his words are more than just a hint, confirming the cute relationship of Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani.

In Conclusion:

The actor can be seen in Salman Khan’s upcoming movie. It’s a good thing that she is quite active on social media. As she regularly shares moments from her personal life so that her fans can see what’s happening in her life.

Her look for Bharat might not be revealed yet, but she has already shared some video and pictures from the set on her Instagram account. Which confirms that Disha will be playing a trapeze artist in the film. So are you excited for the movie? And have you watched the Disha Patani’s throwback viral video yet.