Bracelets span far and wide, there’s really a whole world of options once you start shopping around. Now, because there is so much choice within the category of women’s bracelets, the terminology can get a little confusing. If you’re stuck on the difference between a cuff and bangle, then you’ve come to exactly the right spot! Read on for a full breakdown of all the different bracelets for women, and a few styling tips along the way too…


A cuff is a bracelet that simply doesn’t join in the middle, and they can be found in very dainty, elegant styles or in more statement cuts. A statement cuff will be a few inches wide, creating a gorgeously metallic, shining accessory with just one piece. Delicate cuffs are generally the width of a small chain and will have an accent, gemstone, diamond or studded detail at either end. The cuff is a very cool and contemporary style, perfect when you want to add to your outfit without much effort or layering needed.  


Chain bracelets are incredibly classic, and probably the most common type of bracelet you’ll encounter out on your hunt. Usually, chain bracelets will be delicate and subtle, embellished with small details or plain for those who love a minimal aesthetic. The chunky gold chain has also made a huge comeback recently, these are more of a fashion-forward statement so they’re great for a fashionista who’s always on-trend.


Charm bracelets are sentimental, sweet and make a perfect gift for a loved one. The best thing about charm bracelets is that they are customisable and buildable over time, meaning you’ve got a gift in mind for years to come! You can find charm bracelets in metal and cord.


Bangles are back! The bracelet style we all loved in the 90s has been reinvented, and nowadays the bangle is the epitome of cool-girl chic. Look for a solid metal style or opt for resin if you want to create a cooler, eclectic look. Layering is the best way to go about styling bangles, the more the better really! Mix and match colours and materials for maximum effect. You could be wearing a simple tee shirt and jeans, but with a couple of bangles on you’ll look like a bohemian goddess.


A layered bracelet basically gives the look of two or three chains, all clasped together in one style! This takes all the fuss out of achieving a gorgeous layered look without compromising on the overall effect. Plus, no more tangled chains, which is a very good thing for mums or busy women always on the go.


A trinket bracelet will have one or two small stones, trinkets, charms or embellishments on the one chain. This is a lovely compromise between a charm bracelet and a chain bracelet. These often make great presents as they can be layered with literally any style and still look fantastic whilst worn alone, too.


Cord and leather bracelets are a trendy option for any bohemian woman who likes to pile on eclectic pieces. A cord bracelet can be embellished with a trinket to balance the slight masculine vibe the piece carries.

By now you should be feeling pretty educated on what’s what in the bracelet world! Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a gift, you can’t really go wrong with any of these options.