Always go through the instructions. It is very crucial for you to get hold of a stylist who knows what they are really doing. If you’re dying your hair at your own place, you should always conduct a patch test for it first. Read out instructions carefully and make sure that you’re not leaving on the dye or the bleach past the time period that is recommended. Always use the best shampoo for dandruff and color treated hair.

It is also a very good idea to get someone who can help you out and assist you.

  1. Cut away the damage. It is a very good idea to trim the hair immediately after it has gone through any kind of processing out there. When you colour your hair, a slight bit of damage is inevitable no matter what and when you trim off the ends of your hair, you make sure that the damage is not spreading. Incase you’re in the period of transition from say a dark brunette to being a platinum blonde then you will need to get rid of lot of length.
  2. Get yourself the correct haircare products. It is very important to see where you hair is going. Going for hair colour means that you need to insure it stays where it should stay and that your hair stays healthy and lasts for s longer period of time. This is why it becomes important to invest in colour protecting products that are good. The conditioners and colour protecting shampoos  get s protective layer all over the hair shaft that prevents the colour from bleeding out. Most of the colour protecting shampoos work out for warm toned shades. However to make sure your colour stays protected, start using a sulfate free shampoo. This is s good option because sulfate free shampoos don’t strip away essential and natural oils from your hair and don’t even leave deposits behind that can alter hair colour.
  3. Cut down on your numerous washes.  Colour always bleeds when you wash your hair. The best way to make sure your hair colour stays in place for a longer period of time is to make sure that you cut down on the washes. If you’re someone who washes their hair four times a week, you can cut it down to say 2-3 times a week. Not only will this get you to keep on the colour for s longer period of time, it will also preserve any natural oil that your hair produces so that you’re not stripped off any nourishment. 

Rinse out your hair with cold water. When you wash your hair with warm or hot water, you cause cuticles on the outer layer of the hair shaft to rise up. This further leads to frizz and loss of moisture. Not only that, it makes your hair more susceptible to damage. The best way to get rid of this is to wash your hair with cool water and a color safe dandruff shampoo. Cool water seals in the cuticles, further controlling frizz and sealing in the colour present in the shaft of your bair. If you cannot handle cold showers, always rinse your hair with a little bit of cool water after you take a lukewarm shower.

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