There are a lot of people who believe in organic everything. We get it. It does seem to be healthier to eat organically, what does an organic skin care routine do for your skin? You can have the best vitamin C serum or a great hyaluronic acid serum for face, but if the serum isn’t pure, you may be wasting your time. Not sure where to start looking? We have some suggestions why the purest serums are best.

Pure Serums Don’t Have Harmful Ingredients

Many people use serums in conjunction with a derma roller, Derma rollers are micro needle rollers that make microscopic holes in your skin. Not only does that allow your skin to call up more collagen and elastin to plump up your face and smooth wrinkles, but it also allows serums to penetrate more deeply. The last thing you want is to put on your face with tiny holes newly created is a serum that has a lot of man-made chemicals in it. You want your serum to be as pure as possible. If you are not sure about your serum, double check the label. Do you see laureth sulfate or mineral oils? These chemicals can irritate your skin rather than help it.

Pure serums have a lot of natural ingredients. Most serums that are pure are derived from natural ingredients, such as plants. Also, if the serum is organic, it is made without pesticides or fertilizers, which makes it better for your skin. The fewer ingredients in your serum, the less risk your skin will be allergic to it, or have a bad reaction.

Pure Serums Work More Effectively

Because most serums are made from plants, they contain a lot of antioxidants, which are great for the skin. Pure serums are full of antioxidants, which work to reduce the effect of the environment on your skin. The more natural the serum, the more antioxidants you’ll find in them. Synthetic serums may only have 5% of the antioxidants that pure serums do.

Pure Serums and Your Skin

Pure serums may take longer to work than serums with artificial ingredients. Artificial serums can promise fast-acting results, but they are not as effective long term, according to research. In fact, they could do more harm than good. Artificial skin care products change the skin, sometimes in harsh ways. They can even cause inflammation and irritation. Even though it takes longer for pure serum to work, it will be more effective in the long run, and gentler to your skin. Since the goal is to lower inflammation, rather than raise it, pure serums seem to be a good option.

You’re Helping the Environment

When you use pure serum, you’re not only helping your face, you’re helping the environment as well. That’s because pure serums don’t animal test, which many people see as cruel. Also, because the serums don’t use artificial ingredients, you are helping rid the environment of environmental concerns, such as pesticides and herbicides. A more natural you, and a cleaner environment. What could be better than a pure serum, and a clean planet?