In India, there are many brands selling hair colours. However, choosing the right hair colour is a very difficult task. You should not buy any hair colour and apply it on your hair. Because it may negatively affect the growth of your hair. Try to use ayurvedic hair colour as it will not harm your hair.

Below, you can find some of the natural hair colour brands which are available in the markets. Now, men also have lots of hair colouring options. 

Indus Valley Bio Colour (Dark Brown)

If you are looking for a natural hair colour, then you can choose Indus Valley Bio Colour. It is a 100% natural and Organic product. It comes in a dark brown shade which will suit the men with Indian skin tone. This hair colour is ammonia and paraben-free. It provides a natural shine as well as it protects your scalp against dandruff and hair breakage.

The brand contains a mixture of henna, indigo, coffee and manjistha. Coffee promotes the hair colour, henna helps to strengthen the scalp and Indigo promotes healthy growth of the hair.

Dr. Batra’s Herbal Hair Colour( Cream-Based)

Everyone has heard of this brand. They are famous for their homeopathic medicines. Nowadays they have launched many hair care products under the same brand. Their herbal hair colour range is one of them. You can buy this product from supermarkets, medical stores or even in some departmental stores. They also sell the product online.

This herbal hair colour contains henna as the main ingredient. It also contains other herbs which give a good dark brown colour. It is a cream-based homeopathic product.

Garnier Colour Naturals (Black/Brown)

Garnier is the most common and well-known brand for Indians. They have already flourished in the markets for their skin and hair care products. Garnier colour naturals cost you around 104 which is a very reasonable price. It also comes with other colour variants. It provides a long-lasting shine to your hair. It is a semi-permanent hair colour.

Just Jaivik  Natural Indigo Powder (100% Natural Hair Colour Powder)

Sometimes you might be tired of using chemical dyes. For this reason, we have a solution for you. Just Jaivik has come up with a natural organic indigo powder for your hair. It provides you a natural black hair. The product is free of chemicals which may harm your hair.

This is the best choice rather than using the chemical hair dyes which are sold in the markets. The indigo powder can be used along with henna or can be applied after the henna use to get a dark brown or black colour.

Revlon Top Speed( Natural Black Colour)

It takes 5 minutes to cover the grey color. Revlon is an established brand famous for ladies cosmetic products. In addition, they have developed this cream-based hair colour product especially for men.

This product is PPD free and contains the extracts of ginseng root with pure pearls. Also, it contains keratin which keeps your hair to be smooth and shiny. The pack also comes with a professional brush so that you need not buy it separately.

Pick up the right hair dye or hair colour which suits your skin tone. Also make sure that it is allergen-free and does not contain any harmful chemicals like ammonia and peroxide.