Hairs extensions have now become a ruling fashion in the world and with the increasing demand for hair extension facilities, various manufacturers have invested in this field. They are finding ways to come to the top of other marketing competitors. Most of the big companies that have invested in hair extension are now looking for ways to promote their brand and also to enhance sales of their product. If you are one of the investors then hair extension boxes are considered as a perfect way for advertisement as well as to attract customers. The use of right boxes is a perfect match for your precious investment to keep them in a safe condition.

Importance of Hair Extension Boxes

Such boxes are very important for the individual who has invested a huge amount of money on the extension of hair and to reuse them whenever needed.  There are various ways that explainthe importance of custom hair extension boxes and some of them are illustrated below:

  • You can save your extensions in these packs for a longer period of time
  • With the help of these boxes, you can easily save your investment
  • If you have made them in bulk quantity then it will not only save your time but also can save your money
  • By just a little bit planning you can easily attract your audience and promote your brand
  • You can achieve your target of enhancing your sale and increasing your profit in a very cost-effective manner because hair extension boxes can be purchased at very affordable prices.

In the world which is full of competition, packaging boxes are an important element but mistakes with this process will lead you in achieving your target with less efficiency. There are various mistakes that directly affect the packaging of your shipped goods and most important mistakes are illustrated below:

Too Many Materials in a Small Packaging Box

Handling a custom hair extension pack is not an easy job to do. While you are packaging material in a box like hair extension products then you might need to be very careful during fulfillment as you need to focus on convenient packaging boxes for customers. 

Inadequate Labeling

Another mistake that is common in hair extension boxes is that companies or manufacturer use inadequate labeling during delivery services which causes return, refusal or even deliverability problems for the customers. Just ensure that you have used larger labels for your custom and branded boxes to make visibility clear. Also, check that your packaging instruments or equipment is in good condition otherwise it will create more problems while shipping or delivery. If you have purchased packs fromhair extension boxes wholesale in a bulk quantity then you need to be more careful as it is not possible for you to change the labeling on your customized boxes.

Full of Marketing Inserts

One of the major mistakes in customizing your hair extension boxes is filling your packs with marketing inserts. The use of too many inserts will annoy customers who have a direct concern with the material. Just try to limit your marketing inserts as this will help you in giving a convenient packing to your customers.

Oversized Boxes

If you use oversized boxes for packaging purpose of your hair extensions then it will frustrate the customers as well as it allows the item to be damaged easily. As a businessman, you must use a pack which is neither too small nor too much larger than the product. Just try to use a box which is just a little bit larger than the product which you want to ship or packed. If you invested money on larger packaging boxes then it might be wastage of money and also resulted in losing your customers. The clients do not want to receive damaged products.

Non-Protective Boxes That Cannot Be Reused

If you are sending your products like hair extensions in non-protective boxes that cannot be re-used by the customer then the customer will not feel satisfaction. Try to use those kinds of boxes that can be easily re-used.Hair extensions are those products which need to be packed for re-use purposes. This will help you in gaining customer’s satisfaction in the long run. 

Avoid Complicating Things

If you have used a complicating design that can easily confuse the customer then you must change your packaging boxes. Just use a simple and straightforward design that includes enough information to answer every question to the customer without using complicating questions and confusing things. Just try to focus on a logo design that is made from simple colors and designs. Something that looks attractive and according to customer’s expectations.

Outdated Design

If the design of your custom hair extension box is outdated then it seems that your company’s management is old so it is important to keep your packaging techniques renewed with new branding trends available in the market. If you want to survive in the competitive world then you must avoid these mistakes as this will help you in efficiently achieving your target.