White is versatile and can be found in every woman’s wardrobe. However, not everyone knows that this particular shade has become the most relevant color of the upcoming season. It would seem that snow-white things do not go well with autumn weather, but this should not be an obstacle for a real fashionista.

Few facts about white

White dresses of noor by saadia asad are traditionally considered a festive outfit, and not so long ago it was quite difficult to find such an image in everyday life. Today, people have become less traditional, and a beautiful white dress can be worn every day to work or for a walk in the evening city. A distinctive feature of this shade is the presence of a large number of options and halftones. White things are rarely snow-white, more often a variety of color nuances are used:

  • Pearl shade. A slightly yellowish tint of white gives things an interesting and rich tone, softening the contrast of things. A suit in this color is great for daily trips to work, as it looks less formal.

Pearl. If white is tinted gray, you end up with an elegant piece that enhances your good taste. This shade is great for trousers or evening wear. Shades of beige. For every day, you can choose things in white with beige shades that look very feminine. A dress in this color can be worn by a girl with any figure and at any age, since beige softens the harsh tone of white, and with the right choice of things, you can hide small flaws.

White tone is considered basic, but not everyone knows how to combine it correctly. However, in the upcoming season, the rules have changed slightly, and instead of contrasting solutions, designers suggest using muted shades. So, instead of a set of white shirt and red skirt, it is better to choose a burgundy skirt to set off the top of the outfit.

Stylish solutions for the next season

If you look at current trends, you can see trends that directly use white. Designers offer several solutions that can be adopted and used to create a stylish look.

Loose or straight white trousers. Trousers have become the most fashionable wardrobe detail this season, but it is better to buy a free-cut white model. For example, palazzo trousers are characterized by wide trousers, so this model looks great on women of any figure. The most current models are trousers with a high waist, wide belt and mid-heel length.

  • White shirt with a straight cut with voluminous sleeves. A must-have this season is a menswear-like shirt with quirky sleeves that can be easily paired with anything. Such a blouse looks good on any figure, and the shirt can be worn for every day to work or go to a gala evening in it.

White dress with a free cut made of natural fabric. In the new season, the main focus is on natural fabrics: cotton, satin and silk. From such material, loose dresses with flying skirts are sewn, which flutter beautifully while walking and give you the opportunity to look chic even during a simple walk. Jumpsuit in the style of an aviator. An interesting solution for every urban woman is a loose overalls with a zipper or buttons. 

This model resembles a uniform – straight trousers with turn-ups, a loose top and a shirt collar. An interesting feature is that the model looks good on women of any size, and the jumpsuit is very comfortable to wear. Modern trends are leaning towards comfort, and white linen dresses perfectly symbolize fashion trends. In such an outfit, you can do any business and not feel discomfort even in the summer heat. If you decide to purchase such a thing, pay attention to the quality of the product itself and to the correspondence of the thing to the features of your physique.

We select a dress for the figure

Most women in pursuit of fashion forget about their physique and choose things that are considered fashionable, but do not go well with their image. White cotton dresses are fraught with danger, because not everyone knows how to choose these things correctly. For example, women with luxurious forms prefer to wear shapeless and spacious models, but such cotton things only emphasize figure flaws.

However, it is also impossible to think that such a dress is suitable only for slim girls. You can go for a little trick and choose a dress with a cut-off top to accentuate the waist. The lower part can be slightly flared, thereby distracting attention from the extra pounds. If you want to buy a white dress of sobia nazir, but you do not know which style will help hide small flaws, pay attention to the following models:

  • Dress in the Greek style. The high waist draws attention to the upper part, visually stretching the image, so the dress looks good on overweight women. For such an outfit, it is better to choose a softer fabric, and you can purchase an outfit with a small print and a geometric pattern to distract attention from the figure.
  • Straight dress. The classic cut is still the most popular, because thanks to the fitted cut, you can create the perfect proportions and mask what you want to hide.
  • Long sundress with a flared skirt. For the summer, it is best to buy a sundress with thin straps, in which you will not be hot and you will look chic at any time of the year.
  • Dress shirt. A distinctive feature of this style is that a belt is tied at the waist, and such an accent will help create the right proportions. The length of the outfit can be different, the top can resemble a regular shirt or have graceful details with bare shoulders.

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