Finding the perfect shirt as a man can be a difficult task. With so many styles, fits, fabrics and patterns to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with options. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to help men find the best shirts for their body type, style and occasion.

Different Types of Shirts for Men

There are several main types of shirts that every man should have in his wardrobe:

Casual Button Down Shirts

These versatile shirts can be dressed up or down seamlessly. They often feature a collared neck and front button plaque. Casual button downs are offered in solids, stripes, checks and more. They’re ideal for wearing to the office, date nights or weekend activities.

Polo Shirts

A step up from t-shirts, polo shirts feature a collared neck and typically have 2-3 buttons at the neckline. These shirts provide a casual yet put-together look. Men will find polo shirts in an array of colors and patterns, making them easy to incorporate into any wardrobe.

Dress Shirts

Crisp and tailored, dress shirts are suitable for professional settings and formal events. They have straight or spread collars and come in solids or subtle patterns like checks, pinstripes or plaids. Dress shirts should fit slim and neat when buttoned up.


Every man needs plain cotton t-shirts in colors like black, white, gray to layer under button down shirts or wear alone. Choose crew neck or v-neck styles and make sure your t-shirts properly fit shoulders and sleeves. Displaying brands via t-shirt graphics can showcase personality.

Henley Shirts

Henley shirts have a collar and 3-5 buttons running down a placket opening on the front. These statement shirts allow guys to showcase skin while maintaining comfort and polish. Henleys look great tucked into jeans or layered under blazers.

Key Features of Shirts for Men

Outside of style, men should evaluate shirts based on their features and attributes:


The fabric shirt is crafted from determines its functionality. Casual summer shirts work best in breathable fabrics like cotton/linen blends while winter shirts should be lined or insulated. Performance fabrics like moisture-wicking material, four-way stretch and UV protection are ideal for athletic shirts.


While white and blue shirts remain staples every man should own, expanding into patterns and colors allows guys to show their unique style. Men can select solids, stripes, checks, floral prints and graphic prints with distinct colorways ranging from neutrals to pastels to bold brights.


How a shirt fits impacts both comfort and visual appeal. Athletic or muscular men suit slim or tailored fits while fuller figures look great in regular or relaxed fits. Guys should choose collar styles that properly frame face shapes as well. Traditional, slim and cutaway collars are the most versatile and on-trend currently.

Closure Type

The front closure mechanisms on men’s shirts include buttons, zippers, lacing, snaps or hook and eye closures. Button down shirts offer versatility for both formal and casual situations. Zip-front shirt styles provide a modern, edgy feel that’s perfect for parties or date nights.


Where and when a shirt will be worn helps dictate what style men should select. Crisp solid suits professional settings; linen shirts keep you cool at summer BBQs; flannel button downs layer nicely underneath fall jackets. Avoid overly bold prints or loud colors for formal events.

How Shirts Should Fit Men

A proper shirt fit shows attention to detail while an ill-fitting shirt can undermine your entire look. Use these key points regarding shirt fit:


Shirt seams should line up with shoulder bone ends for support and mobility. The fabric should lay flat across back and shoulders without gaping, sagging or pulling.


Shirt sleeves hit mid wrist bone for optimal coverage and flexibility. Exposed forearms showcase arms for casual settings but full sleeve lengths work best professionally.


Collars should skim the neck without squeezing at the adam’s apple for comfortable allday wear. Allow space for a finger between buttoned dress shirt collar and neck.


Shirts should contour the chest and abdomen without straining buttons or riding up. Tailored shirts taper from chest to waist for a polished silhouette.


Shirttails hitting mid fly create an elongating effect. For untucked casual wear, rear shirttails shouldn’t extend past the pants back pockets.


With knowledge of shirt types, key features, fit guidelines and occasion-appropriate styles, men can build a versatile shirt collection perfect for their specific needs and tastes. Invest in high-quality fabrics with updated stylistic details for shirts providing both form and function. By selecting shirts complementing your unique build, personality and lifestyle, you’ll always put your best self forward with complete confidence and comfort.