The average woman will, at one point in her life own at least 20 to 30 different outfits. Each of these outfits will have a different style of neckline. It is therefore crucial for women to know which necklaces to wear with each type of neckline to make the overall look more fashionably appealing.

 At the moment, visiting a local jewellery shop and buying what your heart longs for may not be possible. But with proper knowledge, you can ace at buying jewellery online. So, here are some tips on matching necklaces with necklines so you will know how to buy necklaces online to match your existing outfits.

V-Neck Necklines

A V-neck neckline will show a little chest or cleavage. It is important to match a V-neck outfit with angular pendants that will match the V shape. You should match the size of your pendant in relation to how wide the V neckline of your outfit is. The wider the V neckline, the bigger the pendant. However, stay away from necklaces that hang on your neck and chest in a rounded fashion since it will create a mismatched look. Your necklace length should also be proportionate to your chest just above your cleavage. Wearing a necklace that is too long may pull the attention away from your neckline.


Turtlenecks are outfits that have the necks covered in fabric. When you plan to wear turtlenecks, then choker style necklaces should not be part of your necklace choices. The fabric of your turtlenecks will only block your choker’s view. Necklaces with medium to long-lengths will match well with outfits with a turtleneck neckline. Opera chains and necklaces with larger pendants will be a stunning statement piece that completes your outfit.


Women who opt to wear strapless outfits will want to feature their neck and collar bones. You can accentuate these parts of your body by pairing your strapless outfits with chokers and shorter pendants. However, if you want to draw attention away from your neck, you can wear a princess necklace which will emphasize your bare shoulders instead.


Some people will suggest that a halter neckline does not need to have any necklace at all. Instead, it is suggested that a pair of stud earrings will be enough to accentuate a halter outfit. However, if you must have a necklace with your halter outfits, use the same necklaces that you will pair with your V-neck outfits.

Square Neckline

If your outfit has a square neckline, then you need to consider the following tips in matching it with a necklace. Do not wear a necklace with a square-shaped pendant. The redundancy of having a square pendant within a square neckline will make your neckline look too “boxy”. Likewise, the length of your necklace should not extend beyond the neckline because it will make you appear shorter and mismatched. However, when you pair a square neckline with an angular necklace, it may draw attention to your jawline.

The above necklines can be matched with their appropriate necklaces. However, there are other factors that you need to be considered. It will help if you buy necklaces to pair with outfits based on the occasion that you are attending. It is best to wear fancier necklaces for events that have formal settings and pairing necklaces with outfits depending on the time of day also works. Simple necklace styles work best during day time events. Remember that wearing necklaces must be matched with your overall outfit.

The next time you buy necklaces online, it is important to be conscious of the specific neckline of the outfit that you are pairing your necklaces with. There are necklace styles that will work well with different necklines. Likewise, it is also best to be mindful of the size and shape of the pendant when deciding on the necklace to wear.