Ottomans are considered things of the past. We see them in pictures of royalty and think that that’s where they were supposed to be. But when it comes to décor, ottomans are almost always underestimated.

Ottomans have the ability to serve a plethora of functions. They look good and add a sense of style to the surrounding as well as being a comfortable footrest. Here we have highlighted some things you should consider about ottomans before putting them out of your minds.


The most basic function of an ottoman is to provide you with a place to rest your feet. Nothing gives the sense of luxury and indulgence like putting up your feet after a hard day’s work. Normally in household settings, you see people using their coffee tables and center tables for the same purpose. Somehow, putting your feet up can increase your comfort level exponentially.

The ottoman can also work as an extra seat when you need one. Instead of pulling an extra chair from someone else’s table, just use the ottoman next time for a short chat. If you have a hotel, consider adding them to your rooms to give the guests a true sense of royalty and elegance. Choose from a variety of ottomans and add to your style.


Most people believe that ottomans come only in two shapes: round and square. But they are mistaken. Ottomans come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can lend themselves to different types of furniture. Round, square, or even rectangular are just the beginning.


The round ottomans are a classic and have been like throughout the ages. They are a great choice to add a plush look to your hotel room. They have the curves and the soft lines to blend in anywhere that they’re placed.


Another classic, the square ottomans are usually placed in front of sofas to add to the comfortable look. They are also placed around coffee tables to give a very casual look to the lounge area. Have a few of them placed in your suite and watch as its aesthetic value increases in front of your eyes. Your guests will love them. Especially if they have children with them. Businessmen also have a soft spot for them as they can use them as extra places for spreading their paperwork and completing their tasks. Instead of having a single sheaf of papers, they can spread them around and save themselves the trouble of going through the pile again and again.


Like every other thing, ottomans to have evolved with time. They are no more a traditional piece of furniture. Nowadays, you will find ottomans in all types of unique shapes like a curved, honeycomb, or asymmetric to name a few. Now you can use them even if you don’t have a classic or traditional theme to your hotel or eatery. Add bold colors or patterns to them and what you have is not just an extra sitting place, but also an eye-catching piece that adds to the overall effect of your setting.

You can also use ottomans to make a bold statement. Instead of using them to blend in, get an ottoman in contrast with your theme and make them stand out. If you think about it, there are a lot of ways you can use ottomans to your advantage.


Ottomans can be made in a variety of sizes. You can have a rectangular-shaped one made and place them strategically around the sitting area. Or if it’s too big, just get multiple small ones and scatter them around. Basically, it all depends on your floor plan and the theme. Don’t overuse them as it will give a very stuffy look, which you definitely don’t want.


Nowadays, with the trendy and hip cafes springing up all around the world, ottomans are coming quickly back in style. The youngsters of today don’t go for stuffed sofas and high backed chairs. What they want instead is a place where they can sit in any way they want, huddle around a common centerpiece. Ottomans are the perfect furniture for these types of settings.

You can have your ottomans made in different types of materials to accentuate your theme. They could be leather or you could choose a material that hides stains or a solid color. You can have them made in suede to give a luxurious look.


Integrate ottomans with the rest of your furniture and create a signature look for your place whether it’s a traditional look or a hip and stylish look. Experiment with different sizes and colors of ottomans to find out what works best for you and have the best commercial hospitality furniture manufacturers in USA give you what you want in the most affordable prices so you can add them to your hotel or café and add to its aesthetic value.