Your day to day bag is an absolute must-have, no matter who you are or what it is you do! Stashing away your essentials such as your keys, wallet, phone and travel cards is vital to your day running smoothly and consistently. Now, in order to derive maximum functionality and use out of your everyday bag, you’ll need to find yourself the right one for you and your lifestyle. This will largely depend on what you’re doing and where you’re off to on a day to day basis! A few awesome styles to consider on your hunt for the perfect work bag include…


A messenger or satchel bag is perfect if you work in a smart casual or casual office and you like to bring along a fair amount of kit with you on a daily basis. You’ll be able to stash your laptop, charger, paperwork and a spare tee shirt. This bag was originally designed for everyday workers and, as the name suggests, messengers, its focus is on functionality. The vintage vibe of this piece looks perfect in a worn tan or burgundy leather.


The crossbody has been a huge trend over the past few years – streetwear took the whole world by storm. If you like to flaunt an edgy style to work, then the crossbody is the way to do it.  You’ll only really be able to bring around your phone, keys and wallet, so pack light.


Is there anything more comfortable and functional than a backpack? This style is perfect for those who like to bring along everything they might need for a day at work. Fit your laptop, lunchbox, water bottle, paperwork and hygiene essentials all without damaging your back and shoulders. Backpacks allow you to carry more and protect your spin, so they’re also fantastic if you have a long commute that involves extensive walking or cycling. Backpacks don’t have to look like they’re straight out of the school playground either, designers are making some seriously cool takes on the classic shape.  

Tote Bag

Tote bags are at the height of laid-back style so they’re great if you like to be on-trend whilst you ferry about your belongings. Now, tote bags have no closure at their opening, so they should be saved for your less valuable possessions. Sling a canvas or cotton tote stamped with a graphic pattern or slogan over your shoulder for a fashion-forward, relaxed addition to your casual office getup.

Laptop Bag

If you’re a techie who likes to make sure that all your gear is in pristine condition at all times, then you need to grab yourself a laptop bag. Your tech is going to be perfectly protected and easily transportable, making heading to and from the office quick and easy without compromising on safety. Although laptop bags traditionally have a very functional look to them, a few brands are starting to reinvent the look to make them feel a little more stylised and contemporary.


The briefcase is the undisputed king of the workwear accessories – it’s always been, and always will be a total classic. A croc-effect black leather briefcase will make you look sharp, professional and outrageously sophisticated, ideal if you work in a formal office environment or you’re always heading out to client meetings. If you want to dress to impress, you can’t get better than a briefcase, however, it might not be the most practical or roomy choice on this list so keep that in mind on your search.

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