Dressing in sharp, expensive looking fashion doesn’t just have to be for those who have a crazy amount of disposable income! Looking expensive and stylish is all about securing some awesome budget pieces and wearing them in the chicest way possible. So, in order to make that Target tee shirt feel like a one of a kind luxury, there are a couple of tricks of the trade to follow…

Secure your stylish basics

Good style always starts with getting the basics right, in fact, a lot of luxury fashion houses are actually famous for their ability to create beautifully basic pieces. When you find a fresh crew neck tee shirt, sharp button-up or pair of mid wash straight leg jeans, it’s pretty difficult to distinguish whether they cost $5 or $500. To start creating expensive looking outfits, be sure that they centre around classic basics. Some more timeless pieces to grab yourself include little black dresses, a herringbone blazer, camel coat and wide-leg chinos.

Get comfortable with tailoring

Although your clothing might not exactly be haute couture, there’s nothing wrong with getting it customised to you! A cheap and cheerful tee shirt can go from high street to luxury with just a couple of quick stitches. Find an affordable tailor to nip in, take out and shorten your pieces so they feel like they were made just for you.

Be diligent with your upkeep

Holes, stains and snagged hems are a dead giveaway, so be sure to always repair and refresh your clothing to keep it looking smart and presentable. Fashion is a major contributor to pollution, so learning to care for and fix your clothing is a great habit to put in place. Instead of throwing a pair of perfectly good pants away, try rehemming them yourself or taking them to your tailor. You’ll get so much wear out of pieces that didn’t cost you very much at all you’ll be amazed. Sewing and dying will really come in handy time and time again, so they’re awesome skills to learn if you have the extra time.

Always look clean and crisp

Ironing might be an obvious one, but it makes such a difference that it’s well worth the mention. Keeping your clothes nicely pressed will always make you look expensive and well maintained, no matter what it is you’re wearing. The difference between a crumpled shirt and a neatly ironed one can be huge, so always stay on top of your laundry schedule to feel as put together as possible. Be sure to look out for scuffs on trainers or dress shoes, your feet should look as polished as the rest of you!

Consider investing in a statement bag

A statement or designer bag will make the simplest of outfits look like it belongs on the glossy pages of Vogue! A basic tee shirt tucked into jeans with a gorgeous branded bag slung over the top is the epitome of cool-girl chic. If you want to elevate your day to day get-ups, this is the way to do it! Just be mindful that you’ll want your bag to go absolutely everything, so a black or cream in a mid-sized shoulder bag style will work best.

So there you have it, just by following these easy steps, you’ll feel like the most stylish, expensive woman in the room – no matter what room you’re standing in! Start with building your core shirts, pants, jackets and dresses, your budget can buy your great style no matter who you are.