India is a land of many cultures and religions. The cultural and religious influences shape the way people dress. There are many kinds of ethnic wear in India that came into existence because of the cultural heritage that this country has. 

Of all the ethnic wear that is worn today, sarees are perhaps the most prominent ethnic wear with the most versatility and flexibility. Silk sarees in particular are the most auspicious and desired sarees amongst them all. 

Kanchipuram silk, Banarasi silk, and Organza silk are the most popular and one can buy organza saree online easily these days. Kanchipuram and Banarasi silk sarees are also easily available and were very location-specific back in the day. Thanks to online shopping, many websites have now made all these region-specific sarees easily available to buy. 

History of Organza Silk Sarees

Organza silk sarees are a type of silk that is lightweight, has a radiant finish, and is a rare quality of silk that is obtained in India. This type of silk was first found in China. The Chinese royals used this silk to make their clothing because of its extremely pure and soft texture. 

The silk that is used for Organza Sarees is obtained from a rare breed of silkworm called the Mulberry Silk. The specialty of this saree is its iridescent finish. Silver and gold threads made from silk are intertwined with colored silk threads to make this saree. This unique way of making this organza silk saree has garnered so much attention amongst silk saree lovers. 

Organza silk sarees are usually plain with self-design. They seldom have any embroidery or textured embellishments. But silk workers and saree designers have started to make embroidered and embellished organza silk sarees by carefully introducing designed motifs and decorated additions to the saree. 

Organza silk sarees are very lightweight because of their pure silk quality. It is difficult to make embroidered art and embellishments on these silk sarees. This is the reason why organza silk sarees are so expensive. Organza silk sarees are made from the purest form of Mulberry silk. 

The technique to make these sarees are quite different from how Kanchipuram and Banarasi silk sarees. Organza silk sarees were initially used only by Royals of the Eastern countries. Using the Silk route, this amazing fabric made its way to India. Once in India, the silk was used by royals in Northern India for their costumes, attires and upholstery, and other such garments. 

Slowly, as silk became more popular and more of this fabric was made in India, the prices of this fabric stabilized, and more and more people were able to access these sarees for their use. 

Even then, Organza remained one of the best quality silks in the world because of its purity, translucent feature, and soft texture. The self-patterned and self-designed organza sarees with block prints, floral prints, etc are priced more nominally than organza sarees that have embroidered motifs and embellishments. 

Purchasing Authentic Organza Sarees

There are many manufacturers of Organza silk sarees in India now. Many retailers have tied up with these manufacturers to procure and sell authentic silk sarees. Branded outlets and websites are the popular means of buying these exclusive Organza Silk Sarees. One can easily buy Organza Saree Online through a trustworthy brand or retailer.