When it comes to funeral services, you can easily make the funeral service guests more involved in it with just a few simple tricks. Try to offer different forms of funeral personalization so that family, friends, siblings, and funeral service guests feel more engaged in the funeral service. If you really want to begin your healing journey on a positive note and make your guests feel engaged, then here’s what you should do!

Use Memorial Thank You Cards

This is one of the most common things that funeral services do. You can easily make a memorial thank you card for the funeral service guests who attended the funeral. In the memory of your loved one who’s no longer with us – this memorial thank you card plays an important role. You can hand over this memorial thank you card to the guests while they’re leaving as a souvenir from the life of a deceased. Creating a wonderful obituary card will definitely add a pinch of interaction between you and the guests.

Make It A Graphic Artist Created Funeral Tribute

This type of funeral tribute will definitely garner attention. With all the funeral service guests gathered around, they will definitely talk about the artists and how they could use them in various other events. The graphic artist created funeral tribute is an innovative concept and this will definitely lighten up the whole event. With this communication will initiate and interactions will take place. This unique concept will definitely spark up a conversation between the funeral service guests, friends, and family.

Offer A Memorial Stone Station

This is a really fun concept for the ones who are attending the funeral. What you can do is -set up a small station with stones and permanent markers. Create a sign with all the instructions. Instruct every guest to write something for the deceased, a sweet memory or a feeling or emotion with their names at the end. Towards the end, the family can select to keep the rocks in their garden or home or scatter them somewhere it looks the best. This can be a crazy memory activity. It’s quite meaningful to remember the deceased in this manner.

Sow The Seeds Of Love

Planting symbolizes important aspects of various different cultures and traditions. It has different meanings and symbolizes a totally different aspect for everyone. Some plant trees during birth, while some do it on their birthdays, marriage, death, etc. So, you can embrace this tradition by inviting guests to plant a tree with you in the memory of the deceased. The whole event will become something special and you’ll have a great place of interaction.

A Social Memorial Website

If hashtags aren’t your thing, then you can create a social memorial website for the deceased. It is just like an obituary. It can be a photo album, obituary, guestbook, family tree, flower shop, or everything in once. This type of social memorial wall or website will empower friends, family, acquaintances, and funeral service guests to come together online from anywhere at any time and share their memories. With this, you can honour and pay tribute to the lives that are lived. In this, you can encourage the guest to share their favourite photos or memories on the wall/website.

In this way, memorial service tributes will become fun and memorable for everyone. Choose your options wisely.

Wishing you Love and strength in the difficult times!