Did you know that one in three adults in Australia over the age of 15 are experiencing tooth decay?

Making an appointment with your dentist in Glebe at least once a year is a great precaution against a handful of teeth-related problems. Cavities, yellowing of teeth, horrible breath, and much more serious problems that may require surgeries are extremely painful, given that they can be very easily avoided.

Meanwhile, Glebe is a suburb of Sydney located in the inner-west part. It is 3 kilometres away in the Southwest direction from the Sydney CBD. The place is also famous for Saturday markets.

Don’t they make you want to clench your teeth in anger? Perhaps a regular dental appointment will keep your oral health and hygiene in check while ensuring you have teeth to clench for a very long time.

Top Benefits of a Regular Dental Appointment

If you have faced sensitivity or pain while munching on something hard like granola or biting into an ice cream stick, you are well overdue for a dental appointment. But why wait until the trouble starts to visit your trusty dentist when you can make an appointment right now and save you the hassle of tooth work when you are older?

Let us take a closer look at the benefits of a regular dental checkup once every 3 to 6 months:

1.    Avoid Decay and Disease

Eating a lot of candy every day can lead to tooth decay and gum disease, which swells up your gums and makes it hard to eat or even talk, but a regular visit once or twice a year to the dentist’s office can help detect early signs of tooth decay and prescribe ways to treat it before it can get worse.

A regular dental cleanup with your dentist removes the buildup of plaque on your teeth and keeps cavities, tooth damage, and irritation to the gums at bay.

2.    Avoid Tooth Discolouring and Bad Breath

Besides causing tooth decay and accumulation of bacteria, an unhealthy buildup of plaque on your teeth leads to a discolouring on the outer surface of your teeth which is far from pretty. It can also lead to insufferable oral odours that will make you difficult to be around.

A simple stop at the dentist can take all the embarrassment away.

3.    Save Money and Avoid Pain

One in four Australians has tooth decay that is left untreated. By taking good care of your teeth now, you can avoid having to pay a hefty sum in the future for a tooth filling, root canal, or periodontal surgery that is as painful as they sound. By choosing to give your teeth the love and care that they deserve now, you can avoid the expenditure and pain involved in having tooth problems fixed.

A half-yearly visit to your dentist in Glebe can save you thousands of dollars and months of pain.

4.    Develop Healthy Habits

Only half of the Australian population brush their teeth twice a day. When you don’t brush your teeth twice daily, you are doing more harm to your teeth than you can imagine, allowing corrosions and decay to harm your teeth much faster.

A regular visit to your dentist in Glebe can encourage the habit of taking care of your teeth and can prevent teeth problems in the future.

Make an Appointment Today!

Whether you are 24 or 42, it is never too early or too late to start your regular dental checkups. With some of the best dentists in Glebe, you are a click away from making an appointment. Choose healthy teeth today and reap the benefits for the next 50 years.