Having gas is a common phenomenon! But if you have more flatulence than normal, it can be distressing and embarrassing. Do you face such situations too? Want relief from it? Read on to know more about smelly flatulence causes and cure in detail.

What is smelly flatulence?

Foul-smelling flatulence, passing gas, or farting is a state of having an enormous stomach or intestinal gas that generally gets released with sound or smell from the rectum. A healthy individual typically farts between 14-23 times in a day which is quite normal. But if you have too much gas than the normal amount, it is a symptom of digestive tract strain and a serious health condition that should not be ignored.

The gas is made up of inodorous vapors – carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and maybe methane. The nasty gas smell comes from the bacteria in the large intestine that releases small amount of gases containing sulfur.

Causes of foul-smelling flatulence

The reason causing flatulence or gas in the digestive tract is very common like swallowing air, consuming gas-producing food & drinks, misery, and maybe the effect of aging too. Let’s have an insight into the causes!

  • Swallowing of air is a very common cause of building up the gas in the stomach. When we eat or drink rapidly, or chew gum, a small amount of air also gets swallowed by us.
  • Normal breakdown of undigested food by the inoffensive bacteria that is present in the large intestine.
  • Lactose intolerance or the malabsorption of certain foods also causes smelly flatulence.
  •  Most of this smelly gas is generated due to the microbial breakdown of food causing gases. The remaining gas moves into the small intestine where it is moderately absorbed and travels into the large intestine for the release.


Excessive gas and abdominal bloating are common signs of having flatulence. The symptoms may also include redundant occurrences of passing gas, production of smelly flatulence, belching, abdominal pain, or uneasiness.

Some other symptoms can be found as diarrhea, bloody stools, fever, nausea, vomiting, or harsh cramps. If you are having such symptoms, it becomes crucial to discuss it with a health professional.

When one should consult to the doctor?

Normal flatulence does not cause any much trouble to a person. But in case your flatulence or bloating causes you concern, you need to discuss the symptoms with your doctor for sure. An analysis of the symptoms and history will be done by the health professional if your health condition is heading toward the problem of excessive flatulence. No need to worry as these is treatable most of the time!

What can be done for flatulence treatment?

In case your doctor identifies flatulence as a serious issue, you may be advised with some prescriptions or medications that may work for how to get rid of smelly gas. Along with the medications, here are some of the tips you can follow for reducing flatulence!

  • If you are a smoker, quit it immediately.
  • Alter your eating habits! The foods containing carbohydrates give rise to gas so if you want to get rid of smelly flatulence, make habit of chewing your food so that the digestion of carbohydrate takes place effectively.
  • Do changes in your diet and avoid the foods that cause excessive gas to a person. Starches like potatoes, wheat, get broken down in the large intestine, and produce gas.
  • Slowly introduce more insoluble fiber into your diet. Also, avoid carbonated drinks and limit the consumption of carbohydrates.

How to make your farts smell better naturally?

Why face social embarrassments due to excessive smelly farts when you can get a natural treatment for the trouble? A new form of medication is available in the form of fart pills, have been introduced in the market as the flatulence treatment.

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