Aromatherapy is a process that aid in relieving individuals’ stress, improving their moods and even providing relief for different medical conditions such as depression and anxiety. Aromatherapy employs the use of different aromas from different plants or compounds to achieve the desired effect. This means the use may vary from one individual to another, and so does the aromatherapy oils. 

Using cannabis terpenes is one of the most effective aromatherapy techniques. Cannabis has over 200 different terpenes in cannabis oil. It makes it the most potent type of oil in use for aromatic therapies. As a result, a small quantity is enough for a whole session which is cost-effective for the users.

The use of cannabis oil, which contains essential terpenes on aromatherapy, is what may describe as aromatherapy on the steroids. The effects and outcomes of the aromatherapy are so advanced in comparison to reasonable expectations.

How to use cannabis terpenes for aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has many benefits for different individuals. However, for the right impacts, especially when using cannabis oil, it is essential to identify the best means of achieving the best from these aromatic terpenes. 


Applying and using the cannabis oil on your skin through a massage delivers essential benefits to the body. A massage provides different scents to your nostrils and creates a relaxing environment. Not only do you experience cannabis oil massage via the skin, but you also feel the terpenes float in the atmosphere for the period of your massage. 

Cannabis oil penetrates the skin delivering terpenes such as linalool. The terpene is sedative and brings in a calming effect and helps you fall asleep. Besides, it provides relief from stress and anxiety by inducing sleep, and once the massage is over, you feel refreshed and more energized

Diffusing the cannabis oil 

Aromatherapy indicates the use of different aromas to gain relief through inhalation. Thus, diffusing the cannabis oil into the atmosphere in your sitting or bedroom delivers the best outcomes. By just using a few drops of cannabis oil in the diffuser, you enjoy the aromatic terpenes for a longer time. To reap all the benefits, make sure you buy Cannabis oil from a trusted company like weedsmart. They ensure premium cannabis oil with doorstep delivery options. 

You create an environment that is natural, stress-free and above all, peaceful for you. For that relaxing effect that will aid you in falling asleep, add cannabis oil from cannabis strains rich in myrcene. The terpene has a soothing earthy, herbal and musky smell that aids in relaxation. With the terpene present in the air, you naturally fall asleep and wake relieved from stress and anxiety. 


If unwilling to use other methods such as diffusing or massage, you may think of spraying the cannabis oil into different items in your house. Spray the mix onto your pillows and inhale the terpenes throughout the night or whenever you lay down. If going to work, add a touch of cannabis terpene and spray it on your shirt or blouse to have a calm day. 

Some terpenes have sweet smells you wouldn’t mind wearing as spray or cologne. Limonene has a citrus-like smell such as lemon. By wearing limonene, you end up having a soothing and stress-free day. Besides, it boosts confidence by getting rid of your anxiety, and you can make your presentation after an aromatic therapy. 


Sometimes, spraying may not work for you. Neither is diffusing it due to other people’s presence in your home or even massaging it. Therefore, you need a way that works only for you. You can engage in using a humidifier to create steam for your cannabis oil, delivering essential terpenes through the stem. 

Although using low temperatures for steam is highly advisable, you may also want to consider chilled terpene fragrance delivery. The chill delivers an intense moment while at the same time aiding in breathing routines or exercises. The method works for different cannabis terpenes and can provide various benefits. 

How do terpenes work?

Once you inhale the cannabis terpenes, the olfactory system delivers them directly to the brain. In the brain, the terpenes interact with different parts of the brain (brain neurons) inducing different effects on an individual. Interactions with the limbic system aid in better emotional control, thus, a reduction in stress and anxiety attack. 

Brain interactions lead to better sleep and better cardiovascular health. Besides, they also induce better cognitive capabilities with their interactions in the cerebral cortex. Some terpenes such as beta-caryophyllene interactions produce or regulate chemical outputs in the body. The terpene binds with receptors (CB2) that control chemical elements in the body. The cannabinoids and terpenes work together to maximize the effects of cannabis oil in aromatherapy. 


Terpenes are present all around us. However, terpenes present in cannabis oil deliver a wide range of benefits, especially in aromatherapy. As a result, not only do you profoundly impact on your brain and its functionalities, you also aid in improving cardiovascular health and expand your lungs accordingly. Therefore, cannabis terpene power is irreproachable when in use for aromatherapy. You can also blend terpene with quality steroids from This will improve metabolism.