Cannabidiol is the cannabis compound of the moment and not only. This all-natural ingredient of the cannabis plant is widely popular because of its properties. Most of us have been hearing a lot about it from friends or family. What makes this cannabinoid successful are the numerous therapeutic properties that can help humans and animals. We say animals too because CBD has similar effects on humans and animals due to similarities of how these groups function. Both have the endocannabinoid system, responsible for almost every function of the body. And here is where CBD has the ability to be effective, by interacting with the receptors of this system.

But, what is CBD basically, and what are its most common effects on humans? And to continue on one line with our topic, can CBD affect our weight? In this article, we will explain these and much more to help you get an idea of how CBD works.

What is important to know about CBD?

There are over 100 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant and CBD is one of the most active. In fact, just after THC(tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD is the second most active. It is important to understand what these two substances are and in what ways are different. THC and CBD both have medicinal potential, but THC has psychoactive effects and CBD does not. This means that THC causes addiction and is the one compound that makes you “high” or “stoned”, while CBD doesn’t.

The lack of psychoactivity makes CBD safe to use and legal in most countries. And the plant that can produce the most CBD is hemp or industrial hemp. Hemp is a Cannabis Sativa strain different from Marijuana which is illegal in most countries. The simple condition most countries use to determine the legality of the cannabis plant is to have less than 0.3% THC. Meeting this simple condition means that the plant is safe to use and can be cultivated. Hemp can meet this condition and in addition produce more than 20% CBD, making it legal. On the other side, Marijuana cannot meet this condition because it has around 20% THC, which is not safe and can cause side effects.

How does CBD act for good?

CBD has the ability to stimulate the receptors of the endocannabinoid system to release its therapeutic properties. Cannabidiol can help reduce pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, etc. In fact, the list of health issues that can be treated using CBD is very long. This compound is now part of a wide range of products in the health and wellness industries. From CBD oil and extracts to CBD creams for healthcare, CBD vapes, and much more. All these kinds of products are available in stores and in online retailers.

Talking about all the possible benefits takes a lot of time and effort and we are going to explain more about one particular case. What is the role of CBD in weight loss or even weight gain? And knowing that many people use CBD for weight issues, is it recommendable though? The answer to these questions is yes, but does that happen?

How does CBD control weight?

CBD has the ability to promote weight loss and does it in many ways. The latest research shows that CBD can in fact boost metabolism and reduce appetite. And of course, such an effect has a significant role in losing weight. In our bodies, we have white and brown fat and we need more brown fat to have a healthy weight. To have more brown than white, we get better sleeping and we exercise daily to convert that white fat into brown fat. Many call this kind of conversion, the “browning of fat”, and CBD promotes that.

Maintaining a healthy weight is not easy and seems that CBD can give you a hand. Not just promoting weight loss by the browning of fat or by reducing food intake but in some cases promoting weight gain. This is a bit complex to understand at first but it has that effect on children at least. So, when parents use CBD oil for their children to help against epilepsy for instance, in return they can gain some weight.

More research by health organizations and companies in the near future can give us clearer results. But while this can be unclear for the moment, you can always take CBD for other health issues. We say that because CBD is safe and does not cause negative side effects when used properly. Proper use would be a small initial dose after visiting your doctor. We recommend you buy pure CBD oil at first without looking at the price and a small dose at the beginning.

In conclusion, it is clear that the market is full of weight loss products. Some of these weight loss products are not all-natural and can cause negative side effects. CBD is an option you should consider to improve health in many ways.