Let’s start this discussion with a question that what do you think how many kinds of people exist? In this world, there are two kinds of people, in my opinion.

Type 1: Who always say that they will do something big.

Type 2: Those who genuinely do something big.

The main distinction between them is procrastination. So, how would you describe yourself? Don’t forget to give it a thought. In the meanwhile, let’s move forward. If you have decided to get fit don’t procrastinate and be the second type of person.

If due to a lot of effort you have failed to overcome procrastination. The best thing you can do is to book an appointment for the Group Fitness Training. The only thing which can overcome procrastination is the increased motivation. Without this, there is no way of separating procrastination from yourself. If some kind of thought is stopping you from moving forward at least “just start.” No doubt that the first step is difficult but once you take it everything starts becoming easier and attractive for you.

Why Should You Follow the “Just Start” Policy?

There are multiple reasons which make this policy effective. If you implement this in your life you won’t ever regret it. Let us take a look at the factors that have contributed to the importance of this policy.

There Will Be No Perfect Time:

Stop waiting those things are going to be right for you. Get rid of the habit of making lame excuses. Once you have decided act upon it immediately. There is no tomorrow for anyone. Therefore, act upon your fitness decision now and join group fitness classes.  There might be a fear that what people would say if you haven’t done anything in a proper way. That fear is genuine and undoubtedly it is a great hurdle but “just start.”

 Take an optimistic approach that no one is perfect. Everyone was unperfect at some time. It’s ok if you are at this time. Instead of focusing on what people would say focus on that you can do this. The second thing is there is a great possibility that you find helping peers due to which you become better. Don’t give up goals just because you are not perfect at it.

Opportunity Of Learning as You Go Along:

When you successfully take an initiative towards the goal, it will open doors for learning. There is no surety that things will go along your way. But yes, after initial difficulty the learning opportunities starts increasing. Only a growth mindset can accept challenges and come out successful from all barriers. So, instead of being fearful think with a growth mindset.

Don’t Build Up More Mental Barriers:

The only thing waiting for the right time can do for you is build up a mental barrier. Everyone is well aware of the paralysis. How many of you know the types of paralysis? Paralysis is of two kinds. One is physical paralysis and the other one is mental paralysis. Here waiting is causing mental paralysis in you. Don’t take too much pressure on yourself. Stop making strategies and thinking about its outcomes.

Let your brain being easy peasy. Don’t mess things up for it. keep things simple for it. It will be easier for you to take the initiative this way. Because the brain works better in a relaxed state.

Making Mistakes Is Not a Disaster:

Is there anything in this world that is perfect? Nothing in the world is perfect. Humans, on the other hand, cannot be perfect. At some point, anyone can make mistakes. So, don’t worry if you have made any mistake. The worse thing is that you are not learning from your mistakes. Just keep the learning spirit high at Group Fitness Training. If you are learning the mistakes of yours has no count.

If you are still afraid think about what the worst could happen? You won’t be able to get in shape. So, what at least you tried. Many people are afraid to even try. Do you not believe you are better than those people?


Look it’s the matter of your health which is not worthy of being taken lightly. So, try hard to overcome your procrastination and fears. Freedom Lifestyle Fitness is providing a friendly environment for group fitness classes. So, at least once try to implement the “just start” philosophy in life.