Life comes with a fair share of highs and lows for each individual. Yet only those who muster the guts to push themselves out of the potholes of lows, rising above, can master the art to succeed. Charles Haward, the incredible TV presenter of ‘Rent Like A Boss,’ document series which airs on BBC Three, has managed to make waves in the real estate realm while being just 28 years old. The outstanding real estate expert who formerly served at Keller Williams remains the classic example of ‘life is what you make it.’

Known as Big V on the show, Charles Haward, has a history of traveling across places, belonging to a family who owned pubs at different locations across the county. Yet, life has planned something else, a much more exhilarating pathway rather than managing his family-owned pubs. Traveling for years to every continent on the globe, Haward discovered his passion in the field of real estate. “I was never a fan of the vocation my parents hose as publicans, but it did allow me to mature very young and found that whilst most of my friends pursued academic achievement I was able to hold a conversation with somebody and influence them, a key trait to where I am today and would serve me a lot going forward. If I had not been homeless I would have been able to rise professionally, I would not have able to establish my very own company and neither would I have who know as Big V,” he shares.

Undoubtedly, it is the lowest moments in your life that encourage you to reach the top and conquer the peaks.  Currently stealing the heart of millions of people vulnerable to what BBC calls ‘renting dilemmas,’ Charles Haward has set himself as an exemplary agent, setting the bar of standards for real estate agents in the UK. “My mere aim throughout my career as a real estate agent is to cater to the needs of the clients as my utmost priority. Maybe that is the reason why I have been able to achieve so much at such a young age because I am not in the business for the sake of business itself. I am in it because I love providing people with the solace of finding their ‘perfect’ place to call home. I adore the feeling I get when somebody gets the kind of house they have been looking for, and the way they show gratitude is all that makes me love my job,” he says.

Be it the Pregnant woman from Newcastle on the quest for finding a safe home for her unborn baby, or the wheelchair user from Liverpool, necessitating accessible rental property, Charles Haward, has mastered the inside out of the real estate industry to meet the specific needs of all his clients. ‘I believe that the prime purpose of any agent should be to carefully assess the pinpoint needs of their customers and then look for properties that suit their needs. Trust me; real estate is not at all an easy job. You need to be a good listener to pay heed to your customer’s preference, a good analyzer to read between the lines, and the be a spot-on communicator to let the process of finding property flow smoothly,” he says.

Charles Haward further elucidates that the agents in the UK need to step their game if they desire to thrive in this field. “The key to succeeding in any business or field is to bring something new to the table. What I am doing unique is to be focused on the subjects that aren’t typically respected by other agents. In fact, this is precisely what my show ‘rent like a boss’ is all about; it shows firsthand the problems young renters face, empowering them to solve those issues,” he says. “After all, why should anyone be deprived of living their fantasy of having a ‘dream home,’” he concludes.